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About Us


When Liu was 20 years old, Liu came back from the army and came to Guangdong Province alone. At that time he joined a stainless steel factory, began to contact the stainless steel industry. In the stainless steel factory, he worked as a security guard, polishing workers, welding workers. Then he found that the industry was very traditional, without any innovation. The products can not meet the needs of many users, such as custom engineering needs, surface treatment needs, etc. Especially the mirror polishing, to reach the real 800K. Liu began to think of their own way, research a special cloth wheel and polishing wax can reach 800K.
After 10  years working in the stainless steel factory, Liu came out to run his own factories and set up a team. 
The team is to help users to achieve the ideal stainless steel products forever. The purpose is to make stainless steel safe, easy, simple, beautiful.
We always think of the end-user and always strive to let the user buy the product that suits his or her needs. We are the representatives of the end-users. Made for the end-user. Only the unexpected, no product we cannot do. If you have any needs, please contact us.
If you have a request that has not been met, you must contact us. YS is your answer.

Yongsheng® focuses on “stainless steel fabrication engineering, glass hardware” as a company’s common strategy to achieve the goal of “Bring beauty and uniqueness to the world”。We will continue to introduce better production facilities and higher-level personnel to meet the changing needs and trends of our customers. Our goal is to become a well-known brand in every country, and each country has our factory. Anyone who is engaged in decorative hardware knows how to be Yongsheng®. Yongsheng® is No.1. Yongsheng® is best choice

1. Working together to build your business.
2. Our knowledge is your advantage.
3. Our team is your advantage.
4. Our creative is your advantage.
5. It’s all about service.
6. Your reputation is connected to ours.
7. Sustainability considerations cover how we design and manufacture products.
8. Quality is the soul of an enterprise.
9. Future belongs to you and me.

YongshengHardware has a strong creative team, using advanced manufacturing equipment to develop stainless steel products. Fully taking into account the user’s implementation needs, it provides a new platform for product technology innovation, bringing consumers unprecedented thoughtfulness and enjoyment. Strive for perfection, excellence, and strictly monitor every production process. With advanced technology, exquisite craftsmanship, and perfect equipment, consumers can get more perfect products. Bringing a different style and beauty to the global hardware and architecture.

In this dynamic and changing world, we are looking forward to working with more domestic and foreign partners with advanced technology, professional production technology, and innovative spirit. Bring more beauty and safety to every corner of the world.

By combining strong R&D capabilities, design capabilities, decentralized sales, and superior service, we have become one of the top suppliers on the market. From design to manufacturing to the highest level, we will strengthen the big engineer team and our passion for the unlimited potential of the hardware. It is the foundation for our success as a quality hardware manufacturer worldwide. At the same time, we will help our customers and employees realize their dreams and give back to society.

Our Advantage

what you can get


Our service teams are available at 24 hours. You can inquiry and after service at any time.


With ISO 9001, SGS, CE certifications. Each worker and engineer must be trained, tested, and certified.


Integrity management, reasonable fees. Clear price, no extra charge.


Give the most economical solution to meet customers as needed. Sell the best products and sell the lowest price.


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