Are  laminated TEMPERED glass Deck railings/balustrades safe?

What glass do I need for deck glass railings/balustrades?

Usually tempered glass, laminated heat strengthened glass or laminated tempered glass. 

Chapter 24 of the International Building Code (IBC) addresses glass used in handrails and guards. It states that glass used as a handrail assembly or guard section is to be a minimum thickness of ¼ inch (6 mm) monolithic tempered glass, laminated tempered glass, or laminated heat strengthened glass

Is tempered or laminated glass Deck railing/balustrade/guardrail safe?

As the economy develops and living standards improve, people are demanding more and more from the architecture of their homes. the deck railing is no exception.

Many of the original deck railings are made of iron or aluminum, but the iron surface is easy to rust, over time, it does not look clean, iron railing design is also old.

The aluminum railing surface is easy to oxidation, the other is the aluminum railing strength is not enough, poor impact resistance. 

Glass has transparency, you can have a clear view and look very clean. It is the choice of most people. The glass with stainless steel accessories, very strong and good-looking.

The glass railing is easy to maintain and easy to install.

Another reason is that urbanization has prevented most people from being in close contact with nature. Glass can give you a wide and clear view and create conditions for you to get close to nature. deck railing outside is nature. So glass deck railing is the best choice. Give you a warm home, especially after work, the whole person is very tired, next to the glass deck railing, you see the view, blowing wind, very comfortable.

Glass in people's impression is very fragile and easy to break. So many people will ask, glass deck railing safe or not?

With the progress of technology now, glass is no longer the fragile glass of the past, the buildings are used in the safety glass. Glass can be toughened, toughened not fragile, the fragments will become similar to the honeycomb-shaped blunt angle broken small particles, not easy to cause serious injury to the human body. Glass can be laminated, laminated glass is still connected after breaking, usually high-rise glass needs to be laminated. Tests have shown that the impact resistance of tempered glass is greater than some metal railings.

So for glass deck railing/balustrade is safe this issue, you do not have to worry at all, especially in the tempered laminated glass railing glass issue, do not worry about the hardness of the glass. 

Of course, the use of tempered laminated glass, laminated or tempered glass must be in accordance with the regulations, such as not used in accordance with the regulations, there may be unsafe. Here we introduce some deck glass railing/balustrade specifications, the details are as follows.

The deck glass guardrail/railing/balustrade specifications.

1, the height of the railings, according to the residential design specifications

(1) The height must not less than 1.05m(41-43 inches).

(2) The net distance between the vertical bars of the deck railing, should not be greater than 0.11m(4.3 inches).

2、Prevention of climbing slip

Deck railing design, is to prevent children from climbing, the clearance between the vertical bars of the railing should not be greater than 0.11m(4.3 inches); the placement of flower pots location must take measures to prevent falling.

If the family has children, to prevent climbing, in case there is a danger. Another point, if the living floor is high, the installation of the guardrail, will also make appropriate adjustments, all for safety. Want to know more railing information please continue to follow YSglass.

Use the right glass, the correct use of glass, the other is to buy railing accessories and glass from the regular manufacturers. Your glass deck railings/balustrades/guardrails will be very safe!

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