Are laminated tempered glass Stair railings/balustrades safe?

What glass do I need for Stair glass railings/balustrades?

Usually tempered glass, laminated glass, or laminated tempered glass. Some places can use laminated glass, tempered glass needs to have a frame or top handrail. The high-rise stair glass must be laminated and tempered.

Is  laminated tempered glass stair railing/balustrade/guardrail safe?

With the improvement of living conditions, more and more users pursue a comfortable quality of life. And home decoration can profoundly reflect people's pursuit of quality of life.

A laminated glass stair railing is one of the common stairs in the modern community. Glass stair balustrade permeability, good aesthetic performance, soon welcome by the majority of users after into the market, especially the duplex room class users. But for the glass stair balustrade, there are consumers who will raise "glass stair balustrade is really safe?" Such questions.

The glass stair guardrail glass and ordinary glass are different. Now the glass varieties are more, like organic glass, tempered glass, inorganic glass these are now with the development of science and technology, the production of high-tech products. Such technological products can not only provide convenience for our lives but also ensure the safety of people's lives now. A lot of glass not only has a wide range of applications in life but also has a more important role in the industry.

We all know that the glass used in many industries is a kind of tempered glass, this kind of glass in the degree of hardness is relatively high, this can be seen from the name of the glass. Then the glass used in the tempered laminated glass stair railing is this very high hardness of tempered glass, this glass is even harder than some materials.

So for laminated glass stair railing/balustrade is safe this issue, you do not have to worry at all, especially in the tempered laminated glass railing glass issue, do not worry about the hardness of the glass.

Of course, the use of tempered laminated glass, laminated glass, or tempered glass must be in accordance with the regulations, such as not used in accordance with the regulations, there may be unsafe. Here we introduce some balcony glass railing/balustrade installation specifications.

In the interior decoration, we wonder if you have paid attention to a problem, the stair will not only install guardrails but also install glass, which is for safety reasons. Now there is a problem, which is the height of the railing installation is how much, what to pay attention to in the installation. If you want to understand these issues, you should understand the glass guardrail installation specification, which has a more detailed explanation, the details are as follows.

The common stair glass guardrail/railing/balustrade specifications.

A,  Residential stair railing handrail

1, Indoor common staircase handrail height from the front of the tread to the top of the handrail should not be less than 0.9 meters( 35.4inches), the horizontal handrail more than 0.5 meters( 29.7inches) long, its height should not be less than 1 meter( 39.4inches).

2, The height of the outdoor common staircase railing should not be less than 1.05 meters(41-43 inches), and should not be less than 1.10 meters(41-43 inches) in high-rise residential.

3, Stairwell width greater than 0.2 (8inches)meters, should not choose to make it children easy to climb the lattice, the headroom between the vertical pieces of the railing should not be greater than 0.11(4.1-4.3 inches) meters.

B, The railing: where the balcony, exterior corridors, indoor corridors, interior patio, upper roof, and outdoor stairs should be set up at the empty protective railing and should comply with the following provisions.

1, The railing should be made of strong, durable materials, and can withstand the load specifications set horizontal load.

2, The height of the air front is 24 meters(944inches) or less, the height of the railing should not be less than 1.05 meters. The height of the air front is 24 meters and above (including high-rise residential), the height of the railing should not be less than 1.1 meters(41-43 inches).

3, The height of the railing should be calculated from the floor or roof to the vertical height of the top surface of the railing handrail, such as the bottom has a width greater than or equal to 0.22 (8 inches)meters, and the height is less than or equal to 0.45 meters (17.7 inches)of the stoppable parts, should be calculated from the stoppable parts of the surface.

4, Railing from the ground or roof 0.1(3.94 inches) height should not be left empty.

If the family has children, to prevent climbing, in case there is a danger. Another point, if the living floor is high, the installation of the guardrail, will also make appropriate adjustments, all for safety. Want to know more railing information please continue to follow YS.

Use the right glass, the correct use of glass, the other is to buy railing accessories, glass from the regular manufacturers. Your glass stair railings/balustrades/guardrails will be very safe!

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