How to choose a railing

Keep the following points in mind when selecting railings.

One. Stand in the safety-first perspective to select the appropriate material.

1. PVC material railings are light in appearance, easy to move, smooth angles, good strength, and elasticity.  Very suitable for use in children's playgrounds or decorative garden fences. 

2. Zinc steel railing is made of galvanized steel, high hardness, good rust resistance, the advanced surface color process is not easy to fall off, most flexible and convenient assembly, beautiful appearance, excellent performance in the outdoor and high-cost performance. The scope of use is also quite wide, can be used for fence guardrail, staircase handrail, balcony guardrail, anti-theft windows, air conditioning frame, with very high safety performance and weather resistance.

3. The use of iron railings is very long with a classical sense of beauty, now iron guardrail using the process of casting, so that the melted iron water poured into the mold, guardrail once formed.  So the appearance of the iron guardrail design flexibility, so that the metal lines rigid and smooth combination, cast into the perfect iron artwork.

The iron fence texture is heavy, high price, corrosion, and rust resistance is poor, the color is easy to fall off, rust water flow on the wall is difficult to remove and other factors have become the biggest drawbacks of iron fence. So in the choice of iron guardrail, it is best to use as indoor guardrail, staircase railing, balcony guardrail, iron gate

4. Aluminum railing is also the use of casting process, aluminum guardrail because of the appearance of delicate and gorgeous color luxury, and does not rust into many high-end villas and clubs of choice. Its appearance is the same as an iron fence, can be cast in accordance with the mold in a variety of styles.  Although the hardness is not as hard as iron and zinc steel but also has a very high safety performance. So the scope of application is also very wide, fence guardrail, staircase handrail, balcony guardrail, aluminum gate...

5. From ancient times to the present, the wooden fence is used until now still has not disappeared. It is natural, atmospheric, vintage, beautiful, and has the aura of nature. With the degradation of forests, quality wood becomes less and less cut expensive.

And ordinary wood is prone to insects and decay phenomena, which also let the wooden fence can not go into thousands of households. And in some parks, scenic spots still use the wooden fences as the main, because it is closer to nature. But in the selection of wooden railings, careful to choose high-quality wood, to avoid a short time to rot and insects and other phenomena, and good wood is not cheap but also regular maintenance.

6, Stainless steel railings, solid, strong, use for many years without deformation, not damaged, anti-collision, strong resistance, simple surface treatment, is the choice of many families and public places.

7, Glass railing usually with stainless steel, specific modern sense, clear vision, easy to maintain, easy to install, is the vast majority of people's choice.

Two. The appearance of the railing gives full consideration to the decoration style of the house.

The railing is actually a part of your house and it becomes a whole with other facilities.  So when picking the appearance, be sure to look at the overall shape of the guardrail that is in line with your style requirements of the house. For example, classical Chinese style with vintage European style railings, although both are beautiful, they do not fit together.

Three. The color of the railings coordinate with house

The color of  the railing tries to coordinate with the overall color scheme of the house, too abrupt color makes people's spirit tight, while destroying the aesthetics of the decoration.

The use of railing color is the same as the appearance, but also to pay attention to the same style, and other facilities of the color system are good, do not take over the main.

If you choose a zinc steel guardrail, in order to enhance the feel, you can choose to have a bumpy three-dimensional sense of spray color.

Four. The railing height meet standards

The height of the railing is custom-made in line with the national standard of 1.05 meters, stairs for 0.9 meters, if the floor is too high, the guardrail should also be properly raised; different areas require different

General railing height will be made 1.1 meters, not recommended to make 1.05 meters, the production and installation process may produce errors resulting in substandard height. Different regional requirements are not the same

Five. The railing spacing meet standards

The spacing of the vertical bar inside the railing should not be greater than 11 cm (to avoid children stuck in the head).different areas require different

Six. Not choose sharp accessories railings

Families with children at home, do not choose some with sharp accessories guardrail, so as to avoid injury when the child plays.