How to remove rust from exterior stainless steel handrails for outdoor steps?

In today's standard of living, We believe that many families have used durable, stylish glass stainless steel handrail, but routine maintenance, how much do you know?

Stainless steel railings are more durable than other materials, long life, and are recyclable can be said to be environmentally friendly products. Even if the stainless steel handrail corrosion resistance is strong, it will rust. Not easy to rust does not mean never rust, if improper cleaning care or not enough, the same can not get rid of rust trouble. To make stainless steel guardrail completely get rid of rust trouble, cleaning care is the key.

Now common home furnishings, exterior stainless steel handrails with high strength characteristics, has good impact resistance, rust resistance, and corrosion resistance, deeply favored by consumers. Stainless steel is not completely stainless, the so-called thing is inevitable, in a particular environment, such as no scientific and reasonable maintenance protection, stainless steel railing handrail is still will rust.

Stainless steel railing rust is actually a process of oxidation, and it can avoid rust is the surface of a layer of similar protective film material, if this layer of the protective film received damage will lead to rust. This protective film is damaged in a variety of ways, including sharp objects on the surface of the formation of scratches, acidic, alkaline substances invasion, etc. will lead to damage to the protective film, resulting in stainless steel products rusting.

Daily life affects the rust of stainless steel stair handrails for the following reasons.


1. Stainless steel surface containing other metal elements of dust or adhesion of metal particles, in the humid air, adhesion and stainless steel between the condensation, the two connections into a microcell, triggering an electrochemical reaction, the protective film is damaged, known as electrochemical corrosion.

2. Stainless steel surface adhesion of organic matter juice (such as squash, noodle soup, spit, etc.), in the presence of water and oxygen, constituting an organic acid, a long time then the organic acid corrosion of the metal surface.

3. Stainless steel surface adhesion containing acid, alkali, salt substances (such as decorative walls of alkaline water, lime water spray), causing local corrosion.

4. In polluted air (such as the atmosphere containing a large number of sulfides, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide), encountering condensate, the formation of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid liquid point, causing chemical corrosion.

5, The surface is scratched, there is no longer a protective layer

6, Improper use of materials. The environment is too wet, pollution is too heavy, the air with acid and alkali, etc. Different environments should be used relative to the stainless steel materials.

YS Recommendations

1. The decorative stainless steel step handrail surface must be cleaned and scrubbed frequently to remove the adhesions and eliminate the external factors that trigger the finishing.

2. 201 and 202, 304 stainless steel materials currently on the market in the seaside area prone to rust, suitable for use in the absence of industrial pollution and air corrosion environment, it is recommended that 201 materials used in dry places, 304 materials available in the indoor, seaside because of the humidity, the air with salt, so it is recommended to use 316 or duplex 2205, 316 and duplex 2205more resistant to oxidation.

YS tells you the outdoor stainless steel handrail products the rust removal method.

First, if the rust is not very long time, you can ask the manufacturer for professional rust removal tools.

If the time is not very long,  you can negotiate with the manufacturer, after all, stainless steel factories have professional rust removal tools, cleaning up very fast and convenient.

Usually, manufacturers have a special gauze, cloth, such as surface rust spots are not serious, available gauze, cloth, and then coated with a layer of anti-rust oil.

Second, If the rust is not large, you can use stainless steel cleaning agent

if the handrail rust is not large or oil stains, do not need to buy grinding, brushing, polishing machine, so it is recommended to use alkaline, chlorinated alkali, or stainless steel detergent cleaning. Then it is necessary to clean the clean part of the stainless steel products with water, the faster wipe dry the better. After drying the equipment, natural air-dry, because oxygen can protect the stainless steel dull state film.

The stainless steel cleaning agent can quickly remove oil, strong degreasing, so that all light and heavy oil automatically emulsified, natural dissolution, and a certain degree of rust and dirt removal effect, containing a rich bright agent, so that the cleaned items shiny as new. Therefore, stainless steel cleaning agent to become a metal processing or the use of the process of rust and oil removal double magic.

The cleaning care stainless steel guardrail should correctly grasp its use and precautions to achieve a better care effect.

Use method.

1, the preparation of water temperature recommended: it is recommended to use more than 30 ℃ warm water to prepare the working solution.

2、Recommended using concentration: for light to medium oil stains use freshwater to prepare a working solution of 5%-3%; for heavy oil stains, it is recommended to use a concentration of 15%-10%.

3, Use temperature recommendation: for light to medium oil or steel workpiece oil, it is recommended to use at room temperature; for heavy oil or stainless steel workpiece oil, it is recommended to use 50℃ - 55℃.

4、After degreasing and rust removal, it is recommended to wash or rinse clean with hot water and dry or blow-dry.

5, Buy special stainless steel rust removal liquid cleaning and then wipe dry.

Third, If the rust is serious, you need use polishing machine

the rust is serious, you need to remove the rust, the first thing we need to pay attention to is the surface of stainless steel handrail products is a mirror polishing or brushed. If it is brushed is better to deal with some, buy some brushed cloth from the factory, first after some hard texture, or buy a polishing machine for grinding. Then in the brushed cloth for brushing, you need to pay attention to the direction of the brush, not to the horizontal brushed stainless steel railing products, pull the vertical line of silk, so that the surface will be the same as the new.

As for the mirror surface, it is necessary to purchase a polishing machine, after grinding the surface polishing, but the manual polishing effect is not good, we have a psychological preparation.

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