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Your stair railing is not safe, there must be something wrong with the railing accessories, hurry up and take a look at the railing accessories in your home!

If your house doesn't look good, there must be something wrong with the metal and glass. Your building is not safe, the same must be a problem with the metal and glass, hurry to see your home glass!

YS is a leading source for high quality railing, ss tubing, stainless steel works, glass, providing an extensive array of products for use in numerous decorative and structural applications.  

YS Glass railings offer the important benefit of corrosion resistance, self-cleaning, safe, comfortable, not easy to self-explode, easy to install, easy to maintain. 

YS Stainless steel railings and railing fittings offer the important benefit of corrosion resistance, easy to install, safe, strong, stable, along with an outstanding appearance that is easily maintained. 

YS manufactures and supplies the railings and railing fittings with real materials, real thickness, excellent surface treatment. The real material makes the glass railing rust-free, safe, always shiny and beautiful as new. The real thickness makes the home safer. Excellent surface makes the railing integrated with the building, with modern and comfortable feeling. After many years railing is still a new raiing, You don't want to remove them.

YS manufactures and supplies the safety glass with all kinds of standards, with YS your buildings is with safe.

Stainless steel tubing offers the important benefit of corrosion resistance, along with a polished appearance that is easily maintained.We supply round, square and rectangular shapes in standard mill finish, as well as 180 Grit polish or 600 Grit Polish & Buff. We deliver to a broad range of customers encompassing many industries such as motorsports, marine, food service, construction and health care etc.

Our Main Products

glass railings

Exterior & Interior Railings

Glass Railings, Stainless Steel Railings, Aluminum Railings
railing fittings

railing fittings

Glass railing fittings, stainless steel railing fittings, aluminum railing fittings
stainless steel pipe and tube

Stainless Steel Pipe

Seamless pipe, Welding pipe, Sanitary pipe
door handles

Door handles

Glass door handles, wooden door handles


All Kinds of Safety Glass, Building Glass, Home Glass
stainless steel works

Stainless Steel Works

Stainless steel wall cladding, stainles steel water sinks

YS offers a wide range of glass and hardwares. YS is the messenger of construction safety, where we go, where there is safety!.