Stainless Steel 304/316 pull door Handles Manufacturers&Suppliers

What is a stainless steel pull door handle?


The stainless steel pull door handle is a handle made of stainless steel material, which is used on the door.


Stainless steel pull door handle shape: square, round.  A variety of simple models are classic puller foot + handle, bent tube handle (V type, U type, half-round type). Dozens of ways to connect the puller foot to the door. The handle has a single installation, there are pairs of installation.


YS pull door handles are used for metal doors, wooden doors, and glass doors.


There is a screw hole under the handle foot, the installation screw is installed on the door, the handle foot is installed on top of the screw and tightened with a tight nail screw.


YS glass door handle use of stainless steel 304 or 316, if you use them in the right environment for 10 years without rust. 10 years later your handle is still a new handle, you do not want to replace it.


YS pull door handles are available in a mirror finish, shiny as a mirror. It has a sanded finish and has a very beautiful silk-like smooth grain. Both ends are sun-like sanded finish with laser-like circles pattern.


Door handle with mounting screws, a complete package, after buying you can install at home. Very convenient and simple. No need for you to worry about any problems.


YS pull door handles are made of real material, we use solid material. You do not have to worry about the strength of the handle.


YS pull door handles length 300-1800mm. the handle can be solid, can be hollow.


YS accepts OEM&ODM. YS specializes in manufacturing stainless steel door pull handles for more than 15 years, we will recommend the most suitable and satisfactory door handles for you. Click the red button to send us an inquiry!