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What is coated glass? what is reflective glass?


Coated glass is also known as reflective glass. Coated glass is coated with one or more layers of metal, alloy, or metal compound film on the surface of the glass to change the optical properties of the glass to meet a specific requirement. Coated glass can be divided into the following categories according to the different characteristics of the product: heat-reflective glass, low-E glass (Low-E), conductive film glass, etc.


Reflective Glass
Coating layer
Metal, alloy, or metal compound


Optical properties of glass



Heat Reflective Glass, Low-E Glass


Heat-reflective glass is generally coated with one or more layers of metals such as chromium, titanium, or stainless steel or their compounds on the surface of the glass, so that the product is rich in color, has a proper transmittance for visible light, a high reflectivity for infrared light and a high absorption rate for ultraviolet light, therefore, it is also called sunlight control glass, mainly used in buildings and glass curtain walls.

Low-emissivity glass is coated on the glass surface by multiple layers of silver, copper, or tin and other metals or their compounds composed of a thin-film system, the product has high transmittance of visible light, a high reflectivity of infrared light, with good thermal insulation properties, mainly used in buildings and cars, ships and other vehicles, due to the poor strength of the film layer, generally made of hollow glass use; conductive film glass is coated on the glass surface such as indium tin oxide conductive film, can be used for glass heating, defrosting, defogging, and as LCD screens.

Coating glass production methods are many, mainly vacuum magnetron sputtering method, vacuum evaporation method, chemical vapor deposition method, and sol-gel method. Magnetron sputtering coated glass using magnetron sputtering technology can be designed and manufactured multi-layer complex film system, can be coated with a variety of colors on a white glass substrate, the film layer of corrosion and wear resistance is better, is one of the most produced and used products.

The variety and quality of vacuum evaporation coated glass compared with magnetron sputtering coated glass are a certain gap, has been gradually replaced by the vacuum sputtering method.


The chemical vapor deposition method is in the float glass production line through the reaction gas in the burning glass surface decomposition, uniformly deposited on the glass surface to form a coated glass.


The method is characterized by low investment in equipment, easy to regulate, low product cost, good chemical stability, can be thermally processed, is one of the most promising production methods. The sol-gel method of producing coated glass process is simple and stable, the shortcoming is that the product light transmission ratio is too high, the decorative properties are poor.


Energy-saving Type


Sunlight Control Glass

Online sunlight control coated glass is a kind of coated glass with good control of sunlight. The product has stable physical and chemical properties and can be widely used in various buildings and light windows, etc.


High-transmittance Low E Glass

High-transmission Low E glass has a high visible light transmission rate, high solar energy transmission rate, and far-infrared emission rate, so it has excellent light-emitting properties, more solar heat radiation through the glass, and excellent heat insulation performance, which is suitable for high permeability buildings in cold areas in the north and some regions, highlighting the natural lighting effect.


Sun-shading type Low E glass

Sun-shading Low E glass has a certain degree of shading for indoor sight, which can prevent solar thermal radiation from entering the room and limit the secondary thermal radiation from outdoors in summer from entering the room, and is suitable for both the south and the north. It is suitable for all kinds of buildings because of its rich decorative effect and outdoor sight shading.


Double silver Low E glass

Double silver Low E glass highlights the shading effect of glass on solar thermal radiation, combining the high transmittance of glass with the low transmittance of solar thermal radiation skillfully, with high visible light transmittance, which can effectively limit the background thermal radiation from outdoors in summer to enter the room.