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What is heat-bent curved glass?


Heat bent glass is a curved glass made by heating flat glass, softening it in a mold, and then annealing it. Heat bent glass is generally processed in an electric furnace. Continuous heat bending furnace generally has 5-6 chambers, 11-13 stations, and about a few minutes to produce a finished product. Intermittent heat bending furnace generally has only one room, heating, and forming, annealing is completed in one room, the processing cycle takes several hours to one or 20 hours, suitable for the production of small batches of very large hot bending glass.


Heat bending high-quality glass to meet the high-quality needs of modern architecture, forming in a mold, and then annealing. The style is beautiful and the lines are smooth. It breaks through the single nature of flat glass and is more flexible in use. Suitable for fish tanks. Dining table. Balcony. Cell phone counter. Cosmetic counter. Hot bending TV cabinets, doors, windows, roofs, curtain walls, and other special requirements of different shapes. We can produce hollow, laminated, and other composite hot bent glass products, which can be customized according to customers' requirements.


Processing equipment

Electric furnace


Processing cycle

One, twenty hours

Glass characteristics

Aesthetics: no connection barge in the middle of the curved shape, beautiful lines, to achieve the overall harmony of the mood.


Specificity: It can be made into various irregular curved surfaces according to requirements.

Technical requirements

Hot bending glass can be classified into three categories: single bending, bending, and composite bending from the shape.


For a single bend of architectural glass, glass hot bending is relatively easy. However, many manufacturers tend to be roughly 150mm away from the straight edge of the product at the edge of the curve, can not fit well with the mold, some are more than the standard requirements, resulting in installation difficulties. To solve this problem, the first requirement is that the electric heating arrangement of the heat bending furnace should be reasonable to achieve local heating, the direction of placement of the product should be consistent with the direction of the electric heating wire.


Bending heat curved glass is common in aquarium glass and counter glass, the biggest technical difficulty of bending glass is the straight edge bending, bending corners are prone to defects such as mold marks. Therefore bent glass is also very common, such as spherical glass, turned arch profile, a glass washbasin, etc. This kind of glass requires a high level of technical skills in the operation of heat bending, making precise molds, and some need a professional heat bending furnace to complete.

Development status

With the progress of the industrial level and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the use of hot bent glass in architecture and civil occasions is increasing. Architectural hot bent glass is mainly used for interior and exterior decoration of buildings, light roofs, sightseeing elevators, arched corridors, etc. Residential hot bent glass is mainly used as glass furniture, glass aquariums, glass sinks, glass counters, glass decorations, etc.


What is the difference between hot bent curved glass and curved tempered glass?


Heat bending curved glass is it is heated to near the softening point of the glass, and through a variety of specific molds so that the glass becomes a non-planar shape of the product after natural cooling, not a safety glass.


Curved tempered glass is processed to the softening point through specific molds and equipment and cooled quickly and evenly by cold air. The surface of tempered glass forms uniforms compressive stress, while the interior forms tensile stress, which effectively improves the bending and impact resistance of glass, and its strength reaches four times that of ordinary glass. When it is broken, it splits into small particles that are not easily injured by a uniform, non-splitting mouth, which is safety glass.


The characteristics of tempered hot curved glass 


1, Safety: qualified tempered glass broken, the fragments are very small, 50mmx50mm area fragments of not less than 40 pieces, the fragment section, and the surface are basically vertical, no sharp corners, will not constitute an injury to people.


2, Impact strength: withstand 1040g steel ball from 1m high free-fall impact does not break.


3, Bending strength: the bending strength can reach 200Ma.


4, Optical properties: The optical properties of the glass do not change during the tempering process.


Application: Widely used in construction, automobile, ship, aircraft, instrument, meter, and furniture, etc.