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What is smart privacy glass? What is dimming glass?


Dimming glass/smart privacy glass is a new type of special optoelectronic glass product with a laminated structure of liquid crystal film laminated into the middle of two layers of glass and glued together by high temperature and pressure. Users can control the transparency and opaqueness of the glass by controlling the current on and off.


The glass itself not only has all the characteristics of safety glass but also has the privacy protection function of controlling the transparency of the glass or not. Due to the characteristics of the laminated liquid crystal film, the dimming glass can also be used as a projection screen, replacing the ordinary curtain, presenting high-definition screen images on the glass. 


According to the control means and principles of similarities and differences, dimming glass can be achieved by electric control, temperature control, light control, pressure control, and other ways to switch between the transparent and opaque state of the glass. Due to various conditions, the dimming glass on the market to achieve mass production, almost all are electronically controlled dimming glass.


The principle of electronically controlled dimming glass is relatively easy to understand: when the power is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules inside the electronically controlled dimming glass will show an irregular scattered state, so that light can not be shot into the electronically controlled glass to present an opaque appearance.


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Also called

Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass, Smart Glass, PDLC Glass, Magic Glass.



Smart electric control dimming glass, electric control glass, smart dimming glass, magic glass, liquid crystal glass


Product definition

Why dimming glass can switch?


When the dimming glass is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules inside the electronically controlled dimming glass will present an irregular scattered state, at this time the electronically controlled glass presents a translucent and opaque appearance; when the dimming glass is energized, the liquid crystal molecules inside present a neat arrangement, and the light can penetrate freely, at this time the dimming glass instantly presents a transparent state. 


Control mode

Manual dimming, manual dimming, light-controlled dimming, sound-controlled dimming, temperature-controlled dimming, remote control switch, remote network control, can be combined at will according to customer requirements.


Technical category: PDLC


Panel options: ordinary float glass, ultra-white glass, tinted glass, etc. (generally not recommended to use tempered glass).


Glass thickness: ranging from 5.5mm-40.5mm. (2+2-19+19)


Laminated thickness: 1.5mm


Drilling and trenching: Yes


Storage temperature: minus 20 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius


Operating temperature: minus 10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius


Operating voltage: 24VAC, 48VAC, or 65VAC (higher than 65VAC is not recommended for non-safe voltage)


Light transmission rate: about 75%


Privacy distance: shield any image beyond 3cm from the other side of the glass


Viewing angle: approx. 140 degrees.


Average energy consumption: 5 watts per square meter


Normal life span: more than 10 years


Product Manufacturing Process


Intelligent electronically controlled dimming glass is a laminated glass, which is a layer of liquid crystal film (commonly known as dimming film, liquid crystal film) sandwiched between two layers of glass, the liquid crystal film is covered by EN film in the very center, using EN using a one-step oven high-temperature molding. Due to the consideration of intelligent electronically controlled dimming glass in the production process of the liquid crystal film temperature and pressure resistance, and does not apply to the high-temperature autoclaves for processing.

Dimming glass several processing production methods detailed explanation.


1, one-step vacuum forming method. Its equipment structure is simple, but few devices can really make dimming glass, its processing process seems simple, but in the actual operation of the process of temperature control precision requirements are very high, there will be scrap phenomenon is bubbles, open glue, haze large. Due to the high cost of production of dimming glass, not more than one percent of the processing scrap rate, so non-standard enterprises and technical ability to achieve accurate control of enterprises, generally do not dare to use this method of production of dimming glass. Domestic mastery of the "one-step" dimming glass processing essence of very few manufacturers. But the use of this method to make the finished dimming glass long life, relatively stable performance.


2、Processing with an autoclave. Autoclave processing of the former process is actually similar to the one-step process, and only later with the autoclave high-pressure high-temperature molding. Autoclave processing can effectively avoid bubbles, open glue, and other phenomena, but the shortcomings are also obvious, as the autoclave forming the glass under pressure 2 times than the one-step vacuum forming, and the main interlayer material for dimming glass conductive film will be caused by the shrinkage rate of the conductive coating fracture or increased resistivity so that the performance and service life of the finished dimming glass is greatly reduced.


Autoclave forming method for dimming glass equipment must be dedicated, accurate for the characteristics of dimming glass, unfortunately, very few domestic manufacturers are dedicated, most of them are mixed with conventional laminated glass, autoclave frequent parameter adjustment does not guarantee the parameters of dimming glass requirements, but also easy to damage the equipment.


3, the water bath method is a sealed fixture immersed in a 100-degree water bath, is the most accurate and uniform temperature of various processing processes, but the fixture is very difficult to manufacture, only Japanese manufacturers use.


Dimming glass product performance


1. Privacy protection function: the biggest function of intelligent dimming glass is the privacy protection function, which can control the transparent opaque state of the glass at any time.


2. Projection function: Intelligent dimming glass is also a very good projection hard screen, in a suitable light environment, if you choose a high lumen projector, the projection imaging effect is very clear and outstanding. (It is recommended to use back-projection imaging method)


3. with the advantages of safety glass, including the safety performance of preventing splashes of debris after breaking, and good strength against blows.


4. environmental protection characteristics: the dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass can insulate and block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and more than 98% of infrared rays. Shielding part of the infrared to reduce heat radiation and transmission. And shielding ultraviolet rays, can protect the indoor furnishings from fading and aging due to ultraviolet radiation, and protect the personnel from diseases caused by direct ultraviolet radiation.


5. Sound insulation characteristics: the dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass have a sound damping effect. It can partially block the noise.




Practical use

Dimming glass, as can be seen from the word, has the characteristic of being able to adjust the light transmission or opaque state. So what is the principle of dimming glass? Is it the intensity of light or the transparency that is adjusted? Let's look at the technical definition of it. Dimming glass is a special glass for architectural decoration, also known as electronic curtains. This is a product based on film technology, liquid crystal molecules attached to the ITO substrate base, light-transmitting edge of the electrode to introduce current, through the power supply to change the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules, and then control the transparency of the glass or not. Dimming glass can freely switch the permeability of the space, is a curtain can be remotely controlled at will, privacy protection, in control. As a technological product, dimming glass can be applied to what aspects?

YS is here to briefly summarize for you.

Business applications


Example 1: Projection curtain role. Here, dimming glass has another commercial name, called "intelligent glass projection screen", meaning that the transparent state can display the background decorative pictures, or as a glass wall in the conference room. The opaque state can replace the imaging curtain and more clear picture characteristics. In this way, it breaks the monopoly of the traditional concrete wall function and achieves multiple roles.


Example 2: Office area, conference room, monitoring room partition. Even a large office area, separated by several walls or frosted glass will look small and stuffy, all through the glass design and lack of business confidentiality, then you really need a glass material that can be adjusted to solve the trouble of transparent luminosity, monitoring rooms, conference rooms, business negotiations, and other office areas, can be adjusted to full light transparent state, when needed, just gently press the remote control, you can make the whole area from The entire area can be completely blurred from the surrounding gaze with a touch of remote control.

Residential Applications


Example 1: External setting. The addition of dimming glass to balcony windows can be a revolutionary improvement on the poor privacy of buildings where people can peek in. Under daily conditions, it can be adjusted to a transparent state to keep the light bright; under casual conditions, it can be adjusted to an opaque state to maintain a sense of security, but still have sunlight to approach, killing two birds with one stone.


Example 2: Indoor space partition. The use of dimming glass to separate the room, improve the layout of space, increase the freedom of light adjustment, but also ensure the privacy of different areas, will get unexpected results.


Example 3: used as a small home theater curtain, the curtain, screen effective combination. (The same principle as business projection curtain)


Example 4: Under the premise of choosing safe voltage, dimming glass as a bathroom, bathroom partition, not only makes the layout open but also good protection of privacy.
Medical institution application


Can replace the curtain, play a partition and privacy protection function, solid and safe, sound insulation and eliminate noise, more environmentally friendly cleaning is not easy to pollute the benefits of health care workers and patients to remove worries and psychological pressure.


Museum, exhibition hall, shopping mall, bank anti-theft applications


Recommended for shopping malls, banks, jewelry stores, and museums, exhibition halls, windows, counters, bulletproof glass and display cabinets glass, normal business applications to maintain a transparent state, once encountered unexpected circumstances, the use of remote control, instantly reach a blurred state, so that criminals lose the target, you can maximize the security of person and property.

In short, dimming glass has a wide range of application places, covering administrative offices, public services, commercial entertainment, home life, advertising media, exhibition displays, imaging, public safety, and many other fields.


YS gives you a guide to purchase


Although the price of dimming glass has just been introduced from tens of thousands of dollars per square meter to thousands of yuan per square meter, due to high costs and other reasons, the price of dimming glass has been relatively high, which also determines its application areas are mostly positioned in the high-end market.


Of course, with the further maturity of the market and customer awareness of this product further deepened, the application of dimming glass is increasingly widespread, has crossed the framework of the application of building materials, deep into the home appliance glass panels and other applications, with great potential for development.


The market dimming glass merchants to promote a variety of ways, product quality also varies from high to low, uneven. Therefore, the purchase of dimming glass should have some professional knowledge, carefully identify the quality of authenticity, so as not to pursue the latest trends but spend a lot of money to buy shoddy products.


Judging the quality of dimming glass, select the right dimming glass products can start from the following aspects.


Look at the manufacturer


Dimming glass products are high-end glass products, said to be a luxury product in the glass, of course, you have to choose the quality of the product to match its price. Buy the well-known brands or well-known manufacturers of dimming glass products on the market, you can choose a formal professional glass manufacturer (such as **** Technology Co., Ltd., **** Glass Co., Ltd.), rather than trading companies such as dimming glass sales agents or intermediaries, you can avoid potential risks and enjoy good quality and after-sales service.


Look at the technical parameters


For customers with strict quality requirements, it is necessary to do a more detailed understanding of the technology of dimming glass.


a. Good quality dimming glass has excellent light transmission when energized, clear and transparent, beautiful appearance and light transmission and opaque when powered off, which can protect privacy very well. Simple test method: put the palm of your hand on the back of the glass, power-off state, from the front to see the back of the palm of your hand, although visible its fuzzy back, but must not see the palm of your fingerprints. Or you can put an object on the front of the glass according to 3cm, in both sides of the light balance and not one side of the backlight, one side of the strong light, from the reverse side, the object should not be seen better. Better quality dimming glass light transmission rate should be about 75%.


PVB (polyvinyl butyral) as a laminated has a history of more than 30 years, PVB polyvinyl alcohol chain contains hydroxyl groups with strong water solubility, more sensitivity to humidity, and the use of PVB needs to consume more energy, the cost increases. PVB processing of the finished product haze, general haze is more than 10%, permeability is less than 70%.


In addition, its specific chemical structure determines the poor tolerance to acetic acid, alcohols, and ketones, and can even be dissolved or softened to the loss of adhesion, in the construction process is easy to cause open glue, debonding problems. Ethylene-vinyl acetate) as a sandwich can avoid the above problems, and has a better transmittance, and therefore has been gradually replaced by PVB sandwich in the world. But curtain wall glass and laminated glass for outdoor applications are generally not recommended to use EVA film as an interlayer, nor is it recommended to use dimming glass, and there are almost no cases of dimming glass for outdoor projects in the international and domestic markets.


c. Consumers can choose to use the appropriate glass panel according to the functional requirements of the application field of glass, in general, the dimming glass requirements for the original glass standards are relatively high, so the choice of automotive-grade float glass as the base material for dimming glass.


General manufacturers or new manufacturers, most will recommend the use of tempered glass as the base material for dimming glass, but the transparency and flatness of tempered glass are less than float glass, due to the different tensile force, will lead to dimming glass open and decoupling phenomenon.


d. The choice of dimming glass in the case of installation should be selected with a professional installation team manufacturers for installation, for the need to hang installation, try to avoid drilling, because the holes in the dimming glass, will change the order of the arrangement of molecules inside the liquid crystal film, resulting in the dimming glass in the use of the process of burn damage. Domestic manufacturers have mastered the advanced borderless suspension method, effectively solving the problem of dimming glass hanging installation holes.


Look at the quality of dimming film


The quality of the dimming film is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of the finished dimming glass. Therefore, when buying dimming glass, you should screen the quality of the dimming film of dimming glass manufacturers.

Look at the project cases


To buy dimming glass products with stable performance and guaranteed after-sales service, the most important thing is to look at the manufacturer's relevant application engineering cases. When we choose a manufacturer, we should not only look at the actual project cases of the manufacturer, it is best to carefully view the actual installation site of the manufacturer's dimming glass real photos, rather than after the computer post-PS effects. So, before buying dimming glass, you can ask the manufacturer to provide several well-known projects and real photos of the site for reference.


Look at the production equipment


General customers do not have a thorough understanding of dimming glass, in the choice of dimming glass, the pursuit of low prices, the pursuit of permeability. But it is necessary to remind consumers that: the production of dimming glass with autoclave generally use PVB film, the main advantage is the high transparency and bonding strength, but the use of PVB temperature must reach 135 degrees to meet the requirements of transparency and bonding strength, while the aging temperature of liquid crystal film is only 120 degrees.


Therefore, the edge shrinkage of the dimming glass made by autoclave is generally 6-10mm, so wide bright edge, when doing the partition that needs to be spliced, a transparent area of 10-20mm will be formed between the two pieces of glass, which is not electrically controlled, and the splicing effect of the glass splice is very poor.


At the same time, the shrinkage of PVB film in the autoclave production and processing process is the main defect that causes the performance and life of dimming glass to be significantly shortened. Some manufacturers to improve production efficiency, with high-temperature autoclave production, so that the finished dimming glass in the process of use of the overall yellowing of the glass, LCD film transparent and opaque can not be converted properly, the phenomenon of gradual shrinkage of the LCD film. Therefore, it is recommended to use the high temperature and high-pressure one-step vacuum forming method for the production of dimming glass, the advantages of which are relatively stable product performance and long service life.


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