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What is fireproof glass? what is fire-resistant glass?


Fireproof glass/fire-resistant glass is a kind of fireproof material, which is mainly used to control the spread of fire or to isolate smoke, and its fireproof effect is evaluated by its fire resistance. It is a special glass that can maintain its integrity and thermal insulation in the specified fire resistance test after a special process and treatment. The original glass of fireproof glass can be selected from floatplane glass, tempered glass, composite fireproof glass can also be manufactured from a single piece of fireproof glass.

Also called Anti-fire Glass, Fire Rated Glass(FRG)


YS fireproof/fire-resistant glass classification


There are mainly five kinds of fireproof/fire-resistant glass, one of which is laminated composite fireproof glass, the second is laminated wire fireproof glass, the third is special fireproof glass, the fourth is hollow fireproof glass, and the fifth is high-strength single-layer cesium potassium fireproof glass. 


YS fireproof/fire-resistant glass is divided by product type

Fireproof/fire-resistant glass is a kind of special glass that can maintain its integrity in the prescribed fire resistance test and is divided into three categories according to the product type.


Class A
The fireproof/fire-resistant glass meets the requirements of fire resistance integrity and fire resistance insulation at the same time. It includes two types of composite fireproof glass and infused fireproof glass. This type of glass has light transmission, fire prevention (smoke, fire, shielding thermal radiation), sound insulation, impact resistance, and is suitable for building decoration steel and wood fire doors, windows, up light, partition walls, light roofs, smoke walls, see-through floors and other building components that require both transparency and fire protection.


Class B
The fireproof/fire-resistant glass also meets the requirements of fire resistance integrity and thermal radiation strength. This kind of fireproof glass is mostly composite fireproof glass with light transmission, fireproof, and smoke insulation characteristics.


Class C
The single fireproof/fire-resistant glass only meets the requirements of fire resistance integrity. This kind of glass has the characteristics of light transmittance, fireproof, smoke insulation, and high strength. It is suitable for fireproof glass partition walls, fireproof windows, outdoor curtain walls, etc. without heat insulation requirements.


YS fireproof glass according to the structure type


It is divided into fireproof laminated glass, thin coated fireproof glass, single-piece fireproof glass, and fireproof laminated glass. Among them, fireproof laminated glass can be divided into a composite fireproof glass and infused fireproof glass according to the characteristics of the production process.

YS fireproof glass according to fire resistance limit
The fire resistance limit is divided into 5 grades: 0.5h, 1.00h, 1.50h, 2.00h, 3.00h.

YS fireproof glass is divided into fire resistance performance
Insulated fireproof glass (Class A) and non-insulated fireproof glass (Class C), partially insulated fireproof glass (Class B).


YS fireproof/fire-resistant glass is divided according to structure

Fireproof glass is divided into a composite fireproof glass (grouted and composite, grouted fireproof glass has good thermal insulation performance and composite fireproof glass has good fireproof performance) and single fireproof glass.


Composite type

It is made of two or more layers of original glass with one or more layers of water-soluble inorganic fireproof adhesive laminated.
Fireproofing principle: When a fire occurs, the glass to the fire surface will explode soon after encountering high temperature, and the fireproof adhesive laminated layer will foam and expand ten times one after another, forming a hard milky white bubble fireproof adhesive plate, effectively blocking the flame and isolating high temperature and harmful gas. The finished product can be ground, perforated, and cut by resizing.

When applied to exterior windows and exterior curtain walls, the design scheme should consider the combination of fireproof glass and PVB laminated glass. Scope of application: fireproof doors and windows of rooms, corridors, and passages of buildings, and fireproof partition walls of fire protection zones and important parts.


Single-piece type

Single-piece fireproof glass is a kind of fireproof glass with a single-layer glass structure. It maintains the integrity of fire resistance, blocks open flames and toxic and harmful gases on the fire surface within a certain period of time, but does not have the effect of temperature and heat insulation.
It is suitable for exterior curtain walls, outdoor windows, light roofs, smoke walls, fireproof glass frameless doors, and partition walls without heat insulation requirements.


Infusion type

It is made of two layers of original glass (three layers of original glass are also available for special needs) and sealed with special fire-retardant adhesive strips around. The fireproofing glue infused in the middle is transparent jelly-like and bonded to the glass after curing.


Fireproof principle: after encountering high temperature, the transparent jelly-like fireproof glue layer in the middle of the glass will quickly harden, forming an opaque fireproof insulation board. While stopping the spread of flame, it also stops the conduction of high temperature to the backside of the fire. This kind of fireproof glass not only has fireproof and heat insulation performance but also has excellent sound insulation effects. It can be processed into curved shapes.


It is suitable for fireproof doors and windows, building patios, atriums, shared spaces, and fire partition walls of computer rooms.


YS Important Note:

The black sealing frame is revealed around the glass, suitable for perimeter pressure bar inlay installation. Consult YS beforehand for reasonable suggestions when used for unobstructed sunny side and west illumination side exterior windows.

New type

Borosilicate fireproof glass: borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and good thermal impact, which is a more widely used fireproof glass.

The chemical composition of borosilicate fireproof glass is generally 68%78% SiO₂, 10%-13% B₂O₃, 2%-4% Al₂O₃ and 4%-8% R₂O.


Common specifications of YS fireproof/fire-resistant glass


Product comparison
Visible light (%)
Heat transfer coefficient
Shading coefficient
Reflection rate
6mm glass
6mm cesium potassium fireproof
6mm glass+12A+6mm glass
6mm cesium potassium+12A+6mm glass
8mm cesium potassium+12A+8mm glass
10mm cesium potassium+12A+10mm glass



YS fireproof glass fire test


YS firproof glass fire test



Architectural curtain wall, partition construction


YS tells you there are several points that must be noted when using.

1. Before choosing fireproof glass, it is necessary to be clear about the specific requirements for fire protection of the fire protection components composed of fireproof glass, whether it is fireproof, heat insulation, or smoke insulation, fire resistance limit requirements, etc.
Fireproof glass


2. Single and composite infusion type fire glass can not be cut with a glasscutter like ordinary flat glass, must be fixed size processing, but composite (dry) fire glass can be cut to meet the requirements.


3, the choice of fire glass fire components, in addition to considering the fire durability of the glass, its support structure, and the elements must also meet the needs of fire resistance.


Single piece cesium potassium fireproof glass, is through special chemical treatment in the high-temperature state for more than twenty hours of ion exchange, replacing the surface of the glass-metal sodium, the formation of chemical tempering stress; at the same time, through physical treatment, the glass surface to form high compressive stress, greatly improving the impact strength, when the glass is broken to show the state of tiny particles, reducing the harm caused to humans! The strength of single piece cesium potassium fireproof glass is 6-12 times that of ordinary glass and 1.5-3 times that of tempered glass.

The advantage of single piece cesium potassium fire glass is less related to the temperature at which it can work but has the ability to withstand heatwave impacts and rapid changes in temperature, depending on the specific heat capacity of the glass (which can affect the rate of temperature increase), thermal conductivity (the rate and distribution of heat through the glass) and thermal expansion, while single-piece cesium potassium fire glass can withstand quenching at 300°C to cold water!


The thermal conductivity of a single piece of cesium potassium fireproof glass is: 1.13W/M℃


The thermal expansion rate of a single piece of cesium potassium fireproof glass is (8.5-9.5)*10-6/℃, the same as the original glass.


Water resistance conforms to ISO719-HGB, ISO720-HGA standards


Acid resistance conforms to ISO1776 standard


Alkali resistance in accordance with ISO695-A standard


Compared with traditional grouted fireproof glass, the most important feature of single-piece cesium potassium fireproof glass is its high weather resistance, in addition to its high strength and easy installation! Chemically grouted fireproof glass, besides being prone to bubbles during the production process, quickly turns milky white under ultraviolet light and flame, losing the basic function of glass permeability, thus making it impossible to observe the fire situation! Single piece cesium potassium fireproof glass still keeps its transparent function under the action of ultraviolet light and flame without any change!

YS tell you caution

Fireproof glass is adopted by more and more buildings as a new building fireproof product, but there are no special norms and standards for the design and inspection of these products. Three aspects should be noted in the design as follows.


1. Fire glass used in the design of curtain walls and partitions is not simply the curtain walls or partitions used by the non-fire-resistant materials to fire-resistant materials can be, not to replace the ordinary glass with fire-resistant glass on everything, but to consider it as a fire prevention system to a comprehensive.


2. Fire glass curtain wall and partition can achieve the level of fire resistance performance, the need to consider the entire system of the fire resistance level of factors to determine, subjective speculation may make mistakes, if necessary, need to do testing tests to determine.

3. When designing and selecting fireproof glass, we need to pay attention to the correspondence between the size of the glass panel and the fire resistance class.

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