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What is hollow louver/shutter glass?


Hollow louver/shutter glass is a glass with metal louvers completely placed inside the insulating glass, with manual magnetic or electric control of the built-in louvers to lift or flip the angle, so as to achieve semi-transmittance, full transmission, or blackout.
Built-in insulating louver glass can be customized for doors, windows, partitions, curtain walls, etc. It is energy-saving, green, and environmentally friendly safety glass.


Built-in insulating louver glass opening methods: zipper control, remote control (electric), magnetic control, etc.


Hollow louver/shutter glass types


Electric hollow louver/shutter glass.

Up-pull down-flip system, louver closing, and pulling speed can reach 25 seconds per meter.

Glass internal blinds with automatic balance design, no matter in the collection or running will not occur tilt, messy phenomenon. The metal louvers are hard, so they do not shake even during operation.

YS Glass electric hollow louver/shutter glass blinds hidden with the profile, the pull rope used for more than 20 years without deformation, not broken, the ladder rope on the clamping buckle hidden, the wire does not show, to prevent light leakage, even after the ladder rope all put away, the front and backside symmetrical and neat, and hidden in the crossbar, will not be messy.


Magnetic control hollow louvered/shutter glass.

1, Built-in magnetic control insulating louver glass (single side control)
This product can only achieve the adjustment of light and darkness through the 180-degree flip of the built-in louvers.

2, Built-in magnetic control insulating louver glass (double system)
This product can achieve the adjustment of light and darkness through the 180-degree flip of the built-in louver and the pull-up function of the louver blade.

3、Built-in magnetic-controlled insulating louver glass (bilateral control)
The characteristics of this product are that the angle adjuster and the pull-up adjuster are on the two sides respectively, and the light and darkness adjustment is realized by the 180-degree flip of the built-in louver and the pull-up function of the louver.


Product features of YS louvered/shutter glass


1, Convenience, simplicity, energy saving

YS hollow louver/shutter glass is made of high-quality double-layer tempered composite built-in aluminum louver and single-sided handle magnetic control mechanism. The angle of the louver can be adjusted at will through the louver flip control switch to achieve natural lighting and a full shading effect. The minimum light transmission reduction factor is 0.12, YS glass creates a comfortable and quiet indoor environment for you. The louvered insulating glass is airtight, and the angle adjustment and retraction are realized by the external leaf flip and lift switch.


2, Noise insulation

With the unique structure of YS insulating glass, the sound insulation performance of the blinds can reach 35db in the closed state, 35db in the vertical state, and 34db in the stacked state, with excellent sound insulation performance.

hollow louver glass


3, Safety

Traditional curtains are flammable, in case of fire, curtains made of sand cloth, chemical fiber, and other materials will release a lot of toxic smoke when burning, resulting in the suffocation and death of indoor personnel. ys hollow glass louvers are not only not subject to open flame combustion, and will not release smoke in the fire, double tempered glass inside plus aluminum products louvers also have the role of isolating the flame transmission combustion, effectively reducing the spread of fire, is a very good fireproof product.

YS hollow louvered glass using double-layer tempered glass is strong against wind pressure and impact, such as low-level use reduces the risk of breaking windows into rooms on low floors, and is recommended for use in high-rise and coastal buildings.


4, Dust and smoke prevention and pollution prevention

YS hollow louver glass has the advantages of dustproof, anti-smoke, and anti-pollution, while the use of a high-tech magnetic induction transmission system makes the closing and opening of the louver, up and down more simple. The louvers do not need to be cleaned to achieve the effect of saving time, energy, and money. The built-in louver insulating glass door and window system create a private space with personalization while YS insulating louver glass unconsciously brings you a quiet, comfortable and healthy environment.

5, Aesthetics

The simple lines of YS hollow louver/shutter glass show the space environment of the high level, making the partition known as the spokesman of simple modern and fashionable trends, creating a fresh and bright office environment.


YS louvered glass is made of high-quality aluminum alloy
High strength, no rust, no deformation


YS louver glass is made of high strength tempered glass
Strong and not easy to break

High-strength tempered glass, even if subjected to strong impact, the glass fragments will not fall, safer and more secure

Shutter/louver glass application

1、Civil house, villa

The practicality and beauty of insulating louver glass can create a warm and quiet living environment for you so that you can forget the tiredness of the day's work, let your body and mind return to the embrace of nature and enjoy the joy of family.


2、Office building

Hollow louvered glass can be pulled up or down to create a free and easy office environment so that you can feel refreshed and energetic, and work twice as hard with half the effort.

3, Hospital

Can replace the indoor curtains, can effectively prevent germs through the indoor curtains for retransmission.


4、Organizations and institutions

Office privacy, to maximize space, so that each space can be interconnected, but also can work independently without interference.


5、Public buildings
Blinds are widely used in hospitals, enterprises, and institutions, etc.


Shutter/louver glass maintenance


1, usually can not use heavy or sharp objects on the glass to bump, scratching the glass not only affects the beauty and glass broken is also more trouble.

2, regularly check whether the rotating parts of the hollow louvered glass, pulling parts of the wirework smoothly, such as loose or not smooth contact the manufacturer for repair, to prevent long-term accumulation of hidden problems affecting the use.

3, the use of the process can not be frequently to pull or slide the magnetic control controller, which affects the long-term use of glass doors and windows.

4, when the glass surface is sticky with oil, impurities, dust, can be used to clean the glass, professional glass cleaner, cleaning brush, etc.


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