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What is insulating laminated glass?

It is a combination of hollow glass and laminated glass, which is widely used in curtain walls and other buildings.


Windows, doors, curtain walls, etc.


The combination of three or more pieces of glass.


Insulating glass is made of two or more layers of flat glass (or hot bent glass) laminated with PVB film, which is made of advanced laminated safety glass under high pressure, and then combined with insulating glass. The glass and the glass keep a certain interval between them, the interval is dry air, and the periphery is wrapped with sealing material, thus processing into the insulating glass. There are three methods of insulating glass production: gluing, welding and fusing. Due to the limitations of cost and process complexity, architectural insulating glass is basically produced by the gluing method. Gluing process is divided into simple sealing and double sealing. Simple sealing is the level of production, the first piece of glass placed on the platform, the glass plate on the aluminum spacer, and then another glass on the aluminum strip, the position is adjusted Qi, with manual or glue machine to seal the edge, sealing materials for polysulfide rubber, to dry naturally after inspection factory. Usually called simple sealing insulating glass for manual gluing insulating glass, the side can be observed on the aluminum strip.

The characteristics of insulating laminated glass


1. Optical properties according to the selected glass original, insulating glass can have a variety of different optical properties. Its visible light transmission rate ranges from 10% to 80%; light reflection rate ranges from 25% to 80%; total transmission rate ranges from 25% to 50%.


2. Thermal insulation performance insulating glass has excellent thermal insulation properties. Under certain conditions, its thermal insulation performance can be better than that of concrete walls.


3, Sound insulation performance insulating glass has excellent sound insulation performance, its sound insulation effect is usually related to the type of noise and sound intensity, generally can make the noise down 30 ~ 44dB, traffic noise can be reduced by 3l ~ 38dB, that is, the streetcar noise can be reduced to the quiet degree required by the school classroom.


4, With transparent, high mechanical strength, UV protection, heat insulation, sound insulation, bulletproof, anti-riot, and other characteristics. When the glass is broken by impact, the fragments are stuck by PVB, not easy to hurt people, only the formation of radial cracks, maintaining the original shape and visibility, in a certain period of time can continue to use. Laminated glass, also known as bulletproof glass, is widely used in high-rise buildings, curtain walls, canopies, banks, jewelry stores, schools and villas, and other places with high-security requirements. Laminated glass integrates safety and light in one, fresh and elegant


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