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What is laminated glass?


Laminated glass is a composite glass product made of two or more pieces of glass with one or more layers of organic polymer interlayer sandwiched between them, which is permanently bonded to the interlayer after a special high-temperature pre-pressing (or vacuuming) and high temperature and pressure process.


Commonly used laminated glass interlayer films are PVB, SGP, EVA, PU, etc.
In addition, there are some special ones such as colored interlayer laminated glass, SGX type printed interlayer laminated glass, XIR type LOW-E interlayer laminated glass, etc. Laminated glass with embedded decorative parts (metal mesh, metal plate, etc.), laminated glass with embedded PET material, and other decorative and functional laminated glass.


Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass after being broken by impact, due to the bonding effect of the PVB film sandwiched between its two pieces of ordinary glass, it will not produce sharp fragments to hurt people like ordinary glass after breaking.


At the same time, its PVB interlayer has the performance of sound insulation and sunlight control, which makes it a new building material with energy-saving and environmental protection functions: the use of laminated glass can not only isolate the anastomosing noise of 1000 Hz-2000 Hz that can penetrate ordinary glass, but also it can block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and absorb heat in the infrared spectrum. As a new building material, laminated glass is bound to play a great role in the use of safety glass.


Product Features


Permeable, storm-proof, waterproof, UV-proof


Application scope


Building engineering, engineering decoration, outdoor decoration, home decoration, etc.


Thickness range



Area range



YS laminated glass main types

According to the different melting points of the interlayer, it can be divided into low-temperature laminated glass, high-temperature laminated glass, and insulating laminated glass.


According to the different bonding methods between the interlayer, it can be divided into mixed laminated glass, dry laminated glass, hollow laminated glass.


According to the different layer types of laminated layers, it can be divided into a general laminated glass and bulletproof glass.

YS YS laminated glass characteristics


Even if the glass is broken, the fragments are stuck to the film, and the surface of the broken glass remains neat and smooth. This effectively prevents the occurrence of fragment lacerations and penetrating falls and ensures personal safety.


In Europe and America, most architectural glass is laminated, not only to avoid injury accidents but also because laminated glass has excellent resistance to seismic intrusion. The interlayer can resist continuous attacks from murderous weapons such as hammers and cleavers, and can also resist bullet penetration for a considerable period of time, and its degree of safety prevention can be extremely high. The glass breaks safely and may shatter under heavy ball impact, but the whole glass remains as a one-piece interlayer, with broken pieces and small sharp fragments still stuck together with the interlayer. When this type of glass breaks, the fragments are not dispersed and are mostly used in vehicles such as automobiles.


Tempered glass requires a larger impact to break, and once broken, the whole glass bursts into countless fine particles, and only a small amount of broken glass remains in the frame. Ordinary glass shatters on impact, a typical shattering condition, producing many long, sharp-edged fragments. The laminated glass shattered, mirror tooth-shaped fragments surrounding the hole, and more glass fragments remain around the point of penetration, the wire fracture length varies.

Application advantages


Does not fall off even after breaking


The sound insulation effect of modern houses has become one of the most important factors in measuring the quality of housing. Laminated glass with PVB interlayer can block sound waves and maintain a quiet and comfortable office environment. Its unique ultraviolet filtering function not only protects people's skin health but also enables valuable furniture and display items at home to get rid of the fading doom.


It can also reduce the transmission of sunlight and reduce energy consumption for cooling. Many advantages of laminated glass, used in home decoration will also have unexpectedly good results. As many family doors, including kitchen doors, are made of frosted glass as a material. Cooking kitchen fumes tend to accumulate on it, if replaced with laminated glass, you will not have this trouble. Similarly, a large area of glass spacing at home, for children who are naturally active is a safety hazard, if the use of laminated glass, parents can be greatly relieved. Even if the glass breaks, the broken pieces, and small sharp fragments remain stuck together with the interlayer.

YS tells you the key points of buying laminated glass


Look at the logo to check the certificate

When selecting a product, first check whether there is a relevant certification, and according to the enterprise information, factory number or product certification certificate through the network to see whether the product purchased in the enterprise has passed the mandatory certification of the ability to range, whether the certification certificate is valid.


Look at the appearance of the quality check

Check the appearance quality of the product, laminated glass should not have cracks, debonding; burst edge length or width should not exceed the thickness of the glass; scratches and abrasions should not affect the use; defects such as bubbles, impurities, or other observable opacities in the middle layer should not exceed the standard requirements.


In the process of use, should try to avoid the impact of external forces, especially tempered laminated glass to avoid the tip of the force impact. When cleaning the glass, take care not to scratch or scrape or abrade the glass surface, so as not to affect its optical performance, safety performance, and aesthetics. Laminated glass in the installation should use neutral glue, and contact with acidic glue is strictly prohibited. 


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