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What is tempered laminated glass?


Tempered laminated glass, also known as tempered laminated glass, is a kind of laminated glass, which is made by laminating 2 or more layers of ordinary float glass after tempering treatment. The middle layer is mostly PVB film (scientific name of polyvinyl butyral), which is a kind of safety glass bonded together with 2 or more layers of glass through a special process of heating and high pressure.


Tempered laminated glass not only has the characteristics of tempered glass with greater resistance to impact but also has the characteristics of ordinary laminated glass, glass even if broken, the fragments will be glued together as one due to the role of the intermediate adhesive layer. This makes it effective to prevent the occurrence of falling fragments and ensure personal safety.


Tempered laminated glass is a special laminated glass product made of tempered glass as a substrate and then glued together. It has the characteristics of high strength of tempered glass but also inherits the excellent safety performance of laminated glass without falling debris. Tempered laminated glass is suitable for installation in places with special safety requirements, such as protective windows of high-rise buildings, glass curtain walls, glass lighting roofs, etc., and underwater glass places that are subjected to certain water pressure for a long time.

Safety factor

Bending strength less than 500kg/cm


Avoid high-temperature exposure, high humidity, and rain, etc.


The water pressure underwater glass is a long-term load, so the fatigue effect of the glass should be considered. The fatigue effect will cause a significant reduction in the strength of the glass. Research shows that the state of the underwater glass force and the location of the glass installation, the glass support and the shape of the glass area size are related. The bottom glass force is equal everywhere, that is, the "equal distribution of the load" effect, while the side glass force state is proportional to the depth, that is, the "triangular load" effect.


The glass support method is divided into three support (fixed) and four support (fixed) two. The shape of the glass can be divided into rectangular and round two. Due to the differences in these parameters, different calculation methods and correction factors must be used. Even if the water depth is the same, they are not in the same state of force underwater, so we must design and verify the calculations before ordering a glass. According to the calculation, the maximum bending stress and maximum deflection of the glass panel can be derived. Considering the safety factor, the bending strength of tempered glass must be less than 500kg/cm, and the maximum deflection of the glass panel surface must not be greater than 1/200 of the span.

Product specification

Maximum specification: 2440×5200mm
Minimum specification: 250×150mm


Aquarium observation windows, test tanks, underwater observation camera windows for swimming pools, windows for underwater showroom viewing, underwater world, observation windows for ships, shower room glass; doors, windows, light roof glass, canopy glass, glass curtain walls, etc.

YS tells you that you must pay attention when using

1. Tempered laminated glass should be packed in containers, assembly frames, or wooden boxes. Each piece of glass is packed with plastic or paper, and the glass is filled with light and soft materials that are not easy to cause glass scratches and other appearance defects between the boxes. Each box should be marked with the words "upward, lightly moved and placed, beware of broken, glass thickness, level" and so on.


2. Tempered laminated glass can be transported in various types of vehicles, transport, wooden boxes shall not be placed flat or oblique, the length direction should be the same as the direction of movement of the transport vehicle, and there should be measures to prevent rain. Glass in handling, should avoid contact with hard objects, collision, temporarily unused tempered laminated glass should be stored vertically in a dry, ventilated room.


3. Tempered laminated glass is a glass product with internal stress, it can not cut, drill and grind the edges after forming, otherwise, it will cause a fracture, tempered laminated glass side stress concentration, to be well protected. Can not use sharp, hard objects to hit the glass edge, or easy to make the glass fracture.


4. Tempered laminated glass installation should be avoided before high-temperature exposure, high humidity and rain, and other climatic conditions, the construction site of the glass to be stored in a ventilated, dry place, encountering sudden changes in the weather, heavy rain, the construction staff should promptly check the site to prevent the glass packaging boxes soaked in water and cause water seepage and discoloration of the side of tempered laminated glass.


5. When installing underwater glass, it is necessary to ensure that the whole system has good performance of waterproof seepage. First of all, the parts in contact with water must use waterproof materials. Secondly, the gap between the glass and the metal frame must be filled completely with sealing materials such as polysulfide adhesive or organosilicon rubber with good sealing properties. Installation design, construction operations to meet the requirements of national mandatory industry standards.


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