Railing Fittings Products

YS is a leading manufacturer&supplier for high quality stainless steel railing fittings, balustrade fittings, and  handrail fittings, providing an extensive array of products for use in commercial, domestic railings and handrails. 

The railing fittings include glass clamps, posts, glass standoffs, glass adpaters, glass spigots, tube fittings, U profiles, alumnium shoes base, end caps, handrail brackets, glass brackets, saddles, post brackets, slotted tube, slotted tube fittings., etc.

Our railing fittings offer the important benefit of corrosion resistance, easy to install, safe, strong, stable, along with an outstanding appearance that is easily maintained. 

YS manufactures and supplies the stainless steel railing fittings with real materials, real weight, excellent surface treatment, easy to install. 

The real material makes the railing rust-free in the right environmentalways shiny and beautiful as new. The real weight makes the home railing safer, 200 kg of fat poeple seats on the railings without any effect

YS stainless steel mirror polished railing fittings can reach real 800K, in the market you only can buy 600K. The stainless steel sanding surface railing is bright and neatly grain, like print out grain. Excellent surface makes the railing integrated with the building, with modern and comfortable feeling. After many years railing is still a new raiing, You don't want to remove them. Applications include:

  • indoor&outdoor stair 

  • Balconies

  • Swimming Pool fence

  • Decks

  • Automatic elevator

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows

  • Glass curtain wall guardrails

  • Corridors

  • Bridges

  • Traffic road isolation

  • Lakefront

  • Riverbanks

  • Roof guardrails., etc.

Our Railing Fittings Products

glass railing posts

Glass railing posts

Indoor and outdoor stainless steel railing posts& glass railing posts
glass clamps

Glass clamps

Glass balustrade, Glass railing clips for glass
frameless face mount glass spigots

Glass spigots

Frameless Glass railing glass spigots
stainless steel cable railing fittings

Cable railing fittings

Cable railing fittings for stainless steel cable railing, wood cable railing
glass railings adapters

Glass railings adapters

Glass railings adapters, Glass standoffs, glass clips, glass fittings
stainless steel glass railing brackets

Glass railing brackets

Glass railing brackets, wall brackets, post brackets
stainless steel tube fittings

Stainless steel tube fittings

Stainless steel round tube fittings, square tube fittings, rectangular tube fittings
railing end caps

End caps

End caps for railings, handrails
stainless steel floor flanges


Base flange for wall railings, railing posts
Slotted tube fittings

Slotted tube fittings

Slotted tube fittings for glass railing handrails, glass railing posts
glass railing base shoes

Glass railing base shoes

Glass railing systems base shoes, frameless glass railing base
stainless steel glass railing U profiles

stainless steel glass railing U profiles

Stainless steel glass railing U profiles, glass U profiles

YS manufacures a wide range of railing fittings in SS304/304L, SS316/316L, duplex 2205 and Aluminum., etc. Available in a variety of hundreds of railing accessories, sizes, the latest styles of railing accessories.