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What is a glass railing aluminum base shoe? 


The glass railing aluminum base shoe is the base of the glass railing, which is the base part. The base shoe fixes the glass panel to the floor. This structure is mainly used in frameless glass railing. The glass railing is installed with a bracket and handrail pipe on the glass top. Some were installed with U-profiles on the glass panel top. Some were installed with slotted handrail pipe on the glass panel top. Some are only installed with glass clamps on the glass panel.


What are base shoe glass railing systems? 


The base shoe+ glass panels+ glass fittings are base shoe glass railing systems. The glass fittings are glass clamps/U profiles/glass brackets and handrail pipes/ slotted handrail pips. The glass railing base shoe systems are very popular recently.


Glass railing base shoes include U base, inserts, gasket, install screw, some base shoes have stainless steel/aluminum covers.


Glass railing base shoes come in a variety of designs. The insert inside is also different for each design.


Base shoes commonly used materials

600 series: 6061 aluminum alloy, 6063 aluminum alloy


Surface process

The general treatment is divided into these several.

1, anodic oxidation, the most general anti-corrosion years.

2, surface sandblasting treatment.

3, electrostatic powder coating.

4, electrophoresis. 

5, fluorocarbon spraying. 

6, thermal transfer technology


The choice of glass

(a) tempered glass,  (b) laminated tempered glass, (c) wire glass.


The thickness of glass usually is 12-20mm


Usage: frameless glass railings stair railing, balcony railing, porch railing, swimming pool fence, etc.


The glass railing base shoe features: Easy to install, affordable, beautiful, simple


The glass railing base shoe price: $20-50/meter

The base shoe glass railing systems price: $ 55-150/meter

The installing cost is around $95/meter


Advantages of YS glass railing aluminum base shoe


1, Real standard corresponding material, use in the right environment without worrying about it rusting, after ten years of use is still as clean as new.


2, High-quality surface treatment, and your railing, home match up very beautiful, with a sense of art, modern sense


3, The real thickness of the material, you do not have to worry about safety, especially for families with children


4, Clipping glass is perfect and the glass railing does not sway and shake.


5, Solid, not loose, will not make a sound, give you a quiet, safe home.


6, Easy to install, you do not need to use a professional installer.


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