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Stainless steel glass balustrade& glass railing posts are one kind of stainless steel balustrade & railing posts. They are a post to support the handrail, about 1-1.2meter to install a post. With the post, the railing and balustrade become very strong. Usually, the post is connected to the handrail bracket saddle with screws, there are also welded ones, the welded ones belong to the minority. most of them are connected with the handrail bracket.
Most of the posts with handrail brackets, some are glued on when installing the railing.
Stainless steel railing posts are widely used in staircase handrails, balcony railings, deck railings, porch railing. SS Post support handrail, usually connects glass panels, safe and strong. It is the choice of most people

Stainless steel railing posts applicable scope.

Shopping malls, buildings, hospitals, schools, modern large hotels, villas, senior clubs, residential, government projects, etc.

Stainless steel railing posts style


Divided by the shape of the post.

Tubular post, ordinary square tube, round tube for the body of the post, the cost is cheap.
Flat steel post, plate post body. There is a single steel plate post, double steel plate post, three steel plate post, three steel plate is rare because the steel post cost is often very high, there are hollow plate and solid plate.
Non-conventional post, non-conventional shape post body. For example, the use of shaped channel tube for post body, mainly used for floor glass style balustrade handrail, the advantage is convenient, can effectively save time and cost.

Divided by the style of balustrade handrail applied to.

Stainless steel glass balustrade post. Use stainless steel glass pendant, stainless steel glass clamp to fix the glass, generally clamp 8mm ~ 12mm single piece of tempered glass. Or laminated tempered glass, the size depends on the drawing.
Stainless steel piping balustrade post. Post body with pierced tube clamps, commonly 4 perforations, generally through 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 19mm small tube. ( This is only for stainless steel balustrade post, not for stainless steel glass balustrade post)

Divided by surface treatment.

The surface of the stainless steel railing post has brushed, mirror, titanium, rose gold, powder-coated, fingerprint resistance, and other processes.
Non-colored stainless steel railing post. Surface treatment brushed, matte, mirror, etc. They are the color of stainless steel itself,
Conventional stainless steel railing posts are brushed can be used, which is also the most affordable surface treatment, while the mirror, color plating, and other surface processing costs are normally 3-5 times more expensive.
Titanium stainless steel railing post. Through chemical treatment of metal surface plated with a layer of titanium-gold, the overall appearance of high-grade, luxury. Mostly used for fine decoration, such as villas, hotels, exhibition halls, and other places.
Powder-coated stainless steel railing post. Commonly is in black.
In fact, there are numerous styles of posts, and there are not many fixed forms. In terms of applicability, the posts can be completely customized according to their needs, and in fact, the needs of customers are often different.



The composition of the post accessories generally includes post body main steel, post bracket, post glass clamps, post tube lamps, post base plate, fixed screws, decorative cover.

Dimensional requirements.

First, the height of the stainless steel railing post. The height of the stainless steel railing post mainly depends on The height of the stairs and railings. Of course, there are standards, the height of the post is generally 850 amount 1050mm.
The height of the bottom staircase shall not be less than 900mm.
The height of the stainless steel staircase for high level and office shall not be less than 1000mm.
The height of the railing shall not be less than 1100mm.
The high level shall not be less than 1200mm. 
The height of the stainless steel staircase post is generally 850mm.
The height of the stainless steel railing post is generally 1050mm. 1050mm plus the height of the handrail just to meet the requirements, otherwise, the project can not be accepted properly.
The second, the thickness of the stainless steel railing post.
For the two-piece stainless steel post, the thickness is generally 6-10mm, the most 8-10mm, 6mm stainless steel column is relatively thin.
Single-piece stainless steel railing post thickness is generally 10-16mm, the most 12-16mm, 10mm stainless steel column is relatively thin, 16mm stainless steel railing post is the relatively high price.
Third, the width of the stainless steel railing post. The width of the stainless steel railing post for the stairs is also very important, too wide will take up a narrow stair space, too small will cause the stairs to be unstable and easy to shake. The normal width of the stainless steel post is generally 40-60mm mostly, of which 60mm is the most.
Fourth, the wall thickness of the hollow stainless steel railing post. Normal single-piece hollow stainless steel railing post wall thickness of 1.5mm and 1.2mm, 1.2mm is the most widely used. For general stairs and railings, this thickness is sufficient. Two-piece stainless steel post wall thickness is generally 0.8mm to 1.0mm,  1.0mm is the most widely used. 0.8mm is too thin, if the long-distance logistics, it is likely to cause post deformation.

SS balustrade post product characteristics

1, The main material of the post is stainless steel material easy maintenance, easy to install, easy to transport, and other advantages.

2. Long life: the use of high-quality stainless steel plate, reasonable design, exquisite technology, strict treatment, so that the life to ensure more than 20 years.
3. High weather resistance, salt spray resistance, heat resistance
4. Strong impact resistance: Made of high quality professionally designed high-strength anisotropic steel plate, with comprehensive strength greater than 1500kg/m2
5. Beautiful appearance: fashionable and beautiful features on the color is more bright and lasting, is a new generation of environmentally friendly products.
6. Easy maintenance: the production process is strictly processed to ensure that the long-time use of rust, no discoloration, self-cleaning since the new.

Disadvantages: high price

Surface treatment

The surface of the stainless steel balustrade post has brushed, mirror, titanium plating, rose gold plating, powder-coated, and other processes. Conventional stainless steel column is to use the brushed can also be affordable surface treatment, and mirror, color plating, and other surface processing costs are normally 3-5 times more expensive.



Usually, there is stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304/304L, stainless steel 316/316L, 2205 duplex steel
Indoor and dry areas can use SS201, the environment is relatively humid indoor and outdoor recommended SS304, SS304L, SS304 is the most widely used material. SS316/316L is recommended for indoor and outdoor areas by the sea. 2205 is recommended if more acid, alkali, and salt resistance is needed.
SS201 is cheaper than SS304, SS304 is cheaper than SS316, SS316 is cheaper than 2205. If you have economic conditions, SS304 is recommended, SS316 is recommended for indoor and outdoor areas by the sea.



The price is for reference only.

201 stainless steel balustrade posts around $80-200per pc(end-user price)
around $16-40/per import from China
304 stainless steel balustrade posts around $100-250per pc(end-user price)
around $20-50/per import from China
316 stainless steel balustrade posts around $125-300per pc(end-user price)
around $25-60/per import from China
2205 balustrade posts around $130-305per pc(end-user price)
around $30-65/per import from China

Because there are four basic elements to determine the price of stainless steel balustrade posts: material grade, modeling style, thickness, and height. Clarify these elements in order to arrive at an accurate price.


YS tells you 5 things you must pay attention to when buying stainless Steel glass railing posts.


1, Glass railing may not match the glass and accessories, or the glass accessories can not be clamped tightly to the glass, the glass slips, and so on.


2, Poor surface treatment of post and accessories, no aesthetics


3, Accessories film is not suitable, the accessories film material is not environmentally friendly. Short service life.


4, Post and accessories thickness is not enough, resulting in the whole railing strength is not enough


5, Post and accessories material is not qualified


Advantages of YS railing post


1, The real standard corresponding material, used in the right environment without worrying about it rusting, after ten years of use is still as clean as new.


2, High-quality surface treatment, with your railing, home match up very beautiful, with a sense of art, modern sense


3, The real thickness of the material, you do not have to worry about safety, especially for families with children


4, Clipping glass is perfect and does not fall off. Clip glass firmly ten years will not slip.


5, Firm will not appear loose, give you a quiet, safe home.


6, Welding solid, welded seams even and beautiful. You do not have to worry about the strength of the column


7, Easy to install, you do not need to use a professional installer.


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