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What are glass mounted handrail brackets?



The glass mounted handrail brackets are a bracket that is mounted on the glass to support the handrail pipe. The top is a saddle. the saddle is usually screwed on top of the handrail, there are also some welded on top of the handrail.

Some saddle is adjustable, such as bracket position has a little deviation, can be adjusted by an adjustable saddle to adjust the position, so as to facilitate the installation.

In the middle is the L-shaped rod, supporting and connecting the saddle with the glass end cap fittings, L-shaped rod has square or round.

The size is square 10-20mm, or Diameter10-20mm, and the glass end cap fittings are 2 pieces of a round or square caps, with screw on top of the cap, gaskets, and nylon tube in the middle to protect the glass.


Glass mounted bracket shape: bracket has a square and round shape. the bracket is round and end cap fittings, L-rods are round. The bracket is square, end cap fittings, L-rods are square.


Handrail bracket production: there are L-bar and base plate are connected by a middle threaded bar, saddle and type bar are welded and screwed together. The end cap fittings are CNC turned out, the L bar is straight bar annealed and bent out. the saddle has laser out, there are stamping out, there are casting out.


Bracket material: usually stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, 304L, stainless steel 316/316L, duplex 2205 stainless steel


Applicable indoor and outdoor, usually dry areas indoors can use 201, outdoors with 304, coastal areas indoors and outdoor with 316, economic conditions can be recommended with 2205. 2205 is the most expensive, corrosion resistance is the strongest.

201 cheaper than 304, 304 cheaper than 304L, 304 Lcheaper than 316, 316 cheaper than 316L, 316L cheaper than 2205.


Surface treatment: mirror polishing, brushed, black power-coated


Scope of application: Applicable to indoor and outdoor glass staircases, glass balconies, glass floor-to-ceiling windows, glass curtain wall parapets and glass picket, glass corridor, glass atrium runner corridor, glass bridge, glass traffic road isolation, glass lakeshore, glass river bank, glass parapets for upper roofs, etc. in civil and industrial buildings.


Advantages; safe, solid, easy to install, simple, beautiful, no rust under proper circumstances, easy maintenance, long application time, can be used for more than 10 years. Stainless steel glass bracket is the best choice.

Glass: suitable for laminated glass, tempered glass, laminated tempered glass, glass thickness usually 4-20mm, can be designed to increase the thickness of the glass bracket size to increase the thickness of the glass.


Glass handrail railing installation

1, Placement of the handrail base. handrail base usually has standoffs, Alumunium shoes, glass spigots. first put the line, placement of each handrail base location. Screw lock each base in right place, then place the glass. Fix the base after the glass is placed, and then fix the glass finally.


2, Mount end cap fittings. first, put the end cap with threaded bar, put gasket with nylon tube, next put another gasket, next put another end caps, next end caps threaded bar and bracket body fixed.


3, Mount glass handrail bracket saddle with handrail


Glass mounted handrail brackets price: $2.5-10


Advantages of YS glass mounted handrail brackets


1, Real standard corresponding material, use in the right environment without worrying about it rusting, after ten years of use is still as clean as new.


2, High-quality surface treatment, and your railing, home match up very beautiful, with a sense of art, modern sense


3, The real weight of the material, you do not have to worry about safety, especially for families with children


4, Clipping glass is perfect and does not fall off. Clip glass firmly ten years will not slip.


5, Solid, not loose, will not make a sound, give you a quiet, safe home.


6, Easy to install, you do not need to use a professional installer.


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