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There are 4 styles of glass railing composition


A, No corner posts railings


Glass balustrade fittings generally include glass clamps, glass spigots, glass adapters, glass talons, glass shoes, etc.


Frameless glass railing

aluminum glass balustrade systems

1, The glass spigots, the form and design of a variety of. Generally the top round body with a round base, square body with a square base, now popular smart glass spigot, smart glass spigot there is front-mounted, there are side-mounted. The deck and balcony glass spigots are mounted on the side.


Round Glass spigots

stainless steel 2205 glass balustrade spigots

Square glass spigots

pool glass fence spigots for glass

Smart glass spigots

smart wall mount spigot glass clamps

Side mounting glass spigots

side mounted deck mounted glass spigots

Face mounting glass spigots

frameless face mounted glass spigots





 Frameless glass spigots require a minimum of 21.5mm laminated glass and can weigh over 100kg per meter, very strong, can be used on balconies, decks, stairs, swimming pools


2, The glass adapter has more forms


There are glass standoffs, glass standoffs, round ones, and square ones. glass standoffs require holes to be cut for installation.


Round glass standoffs

frameless glass balustrade fittings glass fixing bolts


The design of the glass adapter is irregular, each manufacturer and supplier has its own design, some need to open the hole, some do not need to open the hole.


Glass adapters

ss glass stair and balcony railing glass fittings

The glass talons design is also very much, each manufacturer, suppliers have their own different design, some need to open the hole, some do not need to open the hole.


Glass talons

stainless steel glass spigots for glass railing fencing


Glass shoes are aluminum u-channel with accessories, this design is very often used for 16-21.52mm glass. Can be used for stairs, balconies, decks, etc.


Aluminum glass shoes


glass railing base shoe



B, Frameless with handrail type


framless type glass railings 2


Other accessories are the same as the above. Handrail on top. Some are U profile, some are slotted tubes, some are glass brackets with handrail tubes


U profiles


mirror polished stainless steel u channel


Slotted handrail tubes

one side slotted pipe


C, Structure type railings


The components of glass fences generally include glass, glass fittings, slotted post, glass clip, handrail, post fittings or glass shoes, etc.


Panel type glass balustrades


Structural glass balustrade system, with 15mm clear toughened glasses, will weigh appx: 70 glasses, will weigh appx: 70-80 kg per meter. 


D, Post style railing


Glass balustrade component parts generally include glass, post, post accessories, glass clamps, handrail, etc.


post glass railings


The post has tube post, tube column is divided into round tube, square tube, oval tube Post


Round tube posts

round tube post


Square tube posts

square tube post


There are single-plate, double-plate, and triple-plate posts. The three plates are less, but the project needs will be used. Three plates are the most solid

The posts glass catchers are usually square, round, U-shaped glass clamps, but also glass claws, glass adapters, etc. There are a variety of designs and forms.


Glass clamps

stainless steel glass fitting clamps for 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm glass

Some handrail is U profile, some are a slotted tube, some is glass bracket with handrail tubes. wall handrail and glass railing are usually used together. wall handrail is convenient for the elderly and children to hold on the stairs.


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