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what are decorative stainless steel U profiles?

A U profile is a large sheet divided into small strips that are bent by CNC machines. The large plate is divided into small strips, some of which are cut by machine and some by laser. Some U profiles need to V-cut than bending. V-cut can make the profile shape beautiful, with no rounded edges. Not V-cut profiles have rounded edges.

U profile is usually decorative, also called decorative strip. They can protect glass, wall edges, panels, door frames in the office, catering, bakery, schools, clinics, or even public buildings. U profiles are stainless steel material.


U profiles shape: they are u-shaped. Custom shapes are also possible.

 U profile production: Large panels are laser or cut into small sections, and the small sections are bent into U shapes by a bending machine. Some U profiles require a v-cut.


Material: Usually stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, 304L, stainless steel 316/316L.


Size: 20*18*20, 30*20*30, 40*25*40, etc. Various sizes. Length:1-6m. Thickness 0.5-3.0mm

Applicable indoor and outdoor, usually dry area indoor can use 201, outdoor with 304, coastal area indoor and outdoor with 316
201 cheaper than 304, 304 cheaper than 304L, 304 Lcheaper than 316, 316 cheaper than 316L.

Surface treatment: mirror polishing, brushed, titanium (gold, black, champagne gold, bronze, etc.)

Scope of application: suitable for home or interior decoration, construction.

Advantages: safe, easy to install, simple, beautiful, no rust under proper conditions, easy to maintain, long application time, can be used for more than 10 years. Stainless steel u profiles are the best choice.

The decorative stainless steel U profiles price: $2.0-10


Advantages of YS decorative stainless steel U profiles


1, Real standard corresponding material, use in the right environment without worrying about it rusting, after ten years of use is still as clean as new.


2, High-quality surface treatment, and your railing, home match up very beautiful, with a sense of art, modern sense


3, The real thickness of the material, you do not have to worry about safety, especially for families with children


4, Solid, not loose, will not make a sound, give you a quiet, safe home.


5, No sharp corners, no need to worry about scratching. Give you more security


6, Easy to install, it is easy as one.


7, It has a beautiful v-cut.


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