Our Aluminum Railing Products

YS is a leading manufacturer&supplier for high quality aluminum railings, aluminum balustrades, and aluminum handrails, providing an extensive array of products for use in commercial, domestic railings and handrails. 

Our aluminum railings/balustrades/handrails offer the important benefit of not easily oxidized, easy to install, safe, strong, stable, along with an outstanding appearance that is easily maintained. 

YS manufactures and supplies the aluminum railings/balustrades/handrails with real materials, real thickness, excellent surface treatment, easy to maintain, easy to install. 

The quality surface treatment makes not easily oxidized in the right environmentalways shiny and beautiful as new. The real thickness makes the home safer. 

YS manufacturs aliminum railings surface treatment.

1, anodic oxidation,

2, surface sandblasting treatment.

3, electrostatic powder coating.

4, electrophoresis.

5, fluorocarbon spraying.

6, thermal transfer technology

Excellent surface makes the railing integrated with the building, with modern and comfortable feeling. After many years railing is still a new raiing, You don't want to remove them. Applications include:

  • indoor&outdoor stair 

  • Balconies

  • Swimming Pool fence

  • Decks

  • Automatic elevator

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows

  • Glass curtain wall guardrails

  • Corridors

  • Bridges

  • Traffic road isolation

  • Lakefront

  • Riverbanks

  • Roof guardrails., etc.

Our Aluminum Railing Products

Fluorocarbon coating aluminum railing and the powder coating aluminum railing

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YS manufacures a wide range of aluminum railing in Aluminum. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, the latest styles of railings.