Aluminum stair/balcony/deck railings/handrails 



What are aluminum stair/balcony/deck railings?
The railing is used in stairs, balconies, or decks. The material is aluminum.
What are aluminum stair/balcony/deck handrails?
The handrail is used in stairs, balconies, or decks. The material is aluminum.
Aluminum railing (fence) is referred to as color aluminum railing, because the aluminum railing has the performance and advantages of weather resistance, corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, never rust, color humanization, green environmental protection, long life, no need for post-maintenance, etc.
Easy to harmony with building, so the use is extremely wide, color aluminum railing both in line with the social and economic construction needs, but also in line with human development needs.

YS Aluminum railing can be applied as follows

  • Indoor and outdoor stairs 
  • Balconies,
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows,
  • Automatic elevator openings,
  • Glass curtain wall guardrails and pickets,
  • Corridors
  • Atrium corridors
  • Bridges
  • Traffic road isolation
  • Lakeside
  • Riverbank
  • Roof guardrails
  • Other civil and industrial buildings.

YS Aluminum railing and handrail surface process

The general division of these few treatments.
1, Anodic oxidation, anti-corrosion years general.
2, Surface sandblasting treatment.
3, Electrostatic powder coating. Electrostatic powder coating is the most used aluminum alloy railing on the market in the surface treatment process, because it is rich in color, good quality, and low price,  the general public customers love it.
This process through the literal meaning, we should understand is the powder coating through the electrostatic gun directly sprayed to the surface of the aluminum alloy railing profile, the process is very simple.
4, Electrophoresis. electrophores technology is a kind of special treatment, it is mainly for some special places, such as some decoration luxury hotel, club, villa inside, some people need to make the aluminum alloy railing into gold or silver, electrophoresis can help them achieve to achieve the effect of K gold, K silver, champagne color.
Electrophoresis is called lacquering, which is the deposition of polymer resin.
5, Fluorocarbon spraying. Of course, if we talk about the highest color should be fluorocarbon spraying.
General aluminum alloy railing after fluorocarbon spraying its color is also very rich, although the price is a little high, outdoor weather resistance is very long, specifically for some high-grade places.
6, Thermal transfer technology is the use of thermal lamination technology, in aluminum, the surface formed the wood grain texture, the price still belongs to the medium.
A comprehensive description, generally recommended is the electrostatic powder coating and fluorocarbon spraying.
If it is ordinary general customers, recommended with electrostatic powder coating.
And if it is particularly high-grade hotels, villas, large high-end shopping malls, the fluorocarbon spraying treatment of aluminum alloy railing is undoubtedly its best choice.

YS Aluminum handrail commonly used materials

600 series
6061 aluminum alloy, 6063 aluminum alloy


175-750$/meter, 58-250$/ liner foot.

Aluminum railing and handrail features

1、Welding-free assembly design, quick and easy to install.
2、Long service life, solve the traditional product rusting, chalking, cracking, and other problems in a short time, eliminating the cost of product maintenance and renewal.
3、Good decorative, rich colors, to meet the personalized needs of different customers for the product.
4、Environmental protection, not polluting the environment, solving the problem of common products polluting buildings.
5, Good flexibility performance, rigidity, and flexibility of the substrate make the guardrail products have a good impact resistance.
6, Good weather resistance, salt spray resistance, and humidity and heat resistance performance, suitable for different geographical areas of use.
7, Aluminum alloy railing without paint and maintenance, long new, and not old, eliminating your maintenance labor and trouble, the lowest comprehensive cost.
Beautiful shape:
Aluminum alloy railing raw material aluminum can be selected: square, round, oval, and other shapes.
The overall appearance of the railing can be made into a vertical railing shape, horizontal railing shape, wave shape, etc.
And the appearance is after 230 degrees high-temperature baking paint, good-looking and will not fade, the color is also very rich, like black, dark green, ruby blue, yellow, red, frosted color and so on dozens of colors.

Installation structure

the production process of aluminum alloy railing is mainly divided into anti-tampering bolt connection and interpolation combination of two structures.
The anti-tampering bolts are all made of stainless steel bolts, which will not slip reed, rust, and fracture.
Interpolation combination structure is stronger than the bolt connection structure, the orderly interpolation between the post and Crossrail intersected together, the integrity is very strong, can resist impact, compression.

YS Tell You how to maintain aluminum railings?

The beauty of the aluminum railing color directly affects the appearance, and its popularity by people, so the color effect must be given attention.

We will often appear in the actual use of aluminum stair handrail color too light, too poor, this is because of what? That has to prompt you to pay extra attention to the aluminum stair railings cleaning.

Aluminum railings can not be the same as other railings, directly wipe with a rag on the good, first to understand the nature of aluminum railings, and then start.

Maintenance of aluminum stair railing is the main point is to maintain the integrity of the outside paint, general aluminum stair railing in the high-grade products will be expensive, in the usual aluminum stair handrail maintenance, we can use a dry towel to it for slow cleaning, and then can largely prevent the aluminum stair handrail and other things bump and cause the aluminum stair handrail protective layer is damaged.

1, the aluminum stair railing is strictly prohibited in the shipment of loose loading, resulting in bruising.

2, aluminum stair railing should be cleaned regularly.

3. aluminum railing accessories for a long time will accumulate dust on the surface, which will have an impact on the color of the stair handrail, so you can choose a cotton knitted wipe.

Aluminum handrail accessories surface depressions and embossed ornaments in the dust use brush for dust removal.

4, aluminum stair handrail surface erosion and pollution, to be cleaned in a timely manner, the accumulation of dirt can be first dabbed with a soft cloth with alcohol scrubbing, and then wash with water.

5, should use a neutral detergent containing warm water cleaning, do not use acidic or alkaline detergent.

6, scrubbing utensils to a soft cloth, the towel is appropriate, it is strictly prohibited to use sandpaper, steel wire brush or other friction objects scrubbing aluminum railing surface.

7, after cleaning the aluminum railing, it is best to use the topcoat protection wax for varnishing treatment.

YS Tell You Some Common Technical Standards

Indoor and outdoor aluminum deck railing, stairs railing, balcony railing design standards

1.1 Platform railing height (handrail on the plane from the ground): 900mm-1500mm;

1.2 vertical spacing of railing post ≦1200mm, the vertical spacing of glass railing post ≦1000mm;

1.3. Vertical spacing of railing posts≦110mm;

1.4 Handrail and upper horizontal bar balance spacing≦110mm, lower horizontal bar and ground balance spacing≦110mm;

1.5 Tube wall requirements: handrail, post ≧ 1.4mm; horizontal bar ≧ 1.2mm; upright bar ≧ 1.0mm;

1.6 Glass railing technical requirements: using tempered laminated safety glass, thickness 12mm, embedded depth of 12mm, glass four sides using EPDM rubber strip inlay;

1.7 Railing overall average load ≧ 1000N/m;


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