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Stainless steel cable railings have the characteristics of open view, easy installation, not easy to rust, etc. They are widely used in stair railings, deck railing, balconies, etc.


YS Cable Railing Styles

Stainless steel deck & stair cable railing have hundreds of styles, they are usually divided into the following categories:

Tubular post and handrail: ordinary square tube,  round tube. Tube made into the handrail and post, the cost is relatively a little cheaper.

Flat steel post and handrail: steel plate made into the post and handrail. The post is divided into the single steel post, double steel post, three steel plate post is rare, because the steel post cost is often very high, there are hollow plates and solid plates.

Unconventional shape post and handrail: usually they are curved. Customized shape according to the engineering design.



YS Cable Railing Specifications

Steel wire rope has 7 * 1, 6 * 12, 7 * 7, 7 * 19, 17 * 39 and so on specifications.

Stairs cable railings, deck cable railings recommended to use 1*19, 1*19 is 19 cables twisted in a single bundle.

The most common cable railing wire rope types are 1x19 1/8", 1x19 5/32", 1x19 3/16", 7x7 3/16" and 1x19 1/4"

Round handrail and post  common size diameter  1.5", 1.67", 1.9", 2", 2.48" .

Square handrail and post common size1.57",1.97",2.36".

Rectangular handrail and post common size 1.97"x1"

The thickness of post tubing 1.5-3.0mm


YS Cable Railing Material

Stainless steel201, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L

Indoor can use SS201, outdoor usually use SS304 or 304L, 316 or 316L is recommended for seaside


YS Cable Railing Price

Stainless steel 304 cable railing is around 225-575 dollars per meter, 75-200 dollars per linear foot.

Stainless steel 316 cable railing is around 300-625 dollars per meter, 100-210 dollars per linear foot.

The installation is around 90 dollars per meter,  30 dollars per linear foot.


YS Cable Railing Surface treatment

Mirror polished, Brushed, powder-coated

The mirror-polished surface is the same as the mirror, very bright, very smooth, waterproof, and rustproof, the shortcoming is that the mirror surface is easy to scratch, not easy to maintain, mirror surface production cost is 10% higher than the brushed cost.

Brushed is Stainless steel natural color, very bright, brushed with horizontal lines, vertical lines. Very beautiful. the brushed surface is easy to maintain. A brushed surface is usually recommended. The production cost is lower than mirror polished

Balck powder coated so that the cable railing will not rust under extremely harsh conditions. The black color is also a decoration. Black is very beautiful with the original color of stainless steel.


YS Cable style

Horizontal Cable railings

Horizontal cable railing systems are cable mounted on a post, usually consisting of 10-12 cables.

Vertical Cable railings

Vertical cable railing systems are where the cable is mounted above and below the frame. The distance between the two cables must not be greater than 4 inches.


YS Cable Applications

Cable railing applications could include commercial, residential, stairs, balconies, decks, patios, porches, gardens, pools, and docks.
Deck cable railing and stair cable railing, which are the most used.


YS Cable Advantages.

1, Easy to install, low cost of installation labor. You can install it by yourself, no need to ask professional install workers

2, Not -rust in the appropriate environment, YS cable railing still be a new railing after you new several years, you don't want to remove it at all.

3, Clear and open view, Giving you an open and modern home.

4, Good waterproof performance: stainless steel does not absorb water, stainless steel railing has a good waterproof performance. Your home's cable railing is still clean and dry as new after heavy rain. You only need to wipe the surface, or it will dry itself in a few minutes without wiping.

5, Not deformed and not afraid of heat: compare with iron, glass, solid wood, and other materials stainless steel is a whole, basically will not have a cracking phenomenon. In addition, stainless steel is also a more environmentally friendly material, not afraid of heat and not deformed, very suitable for stair railing. deck railing, balcony railing, etc.

Even in case of fire, you don't have to worry about your stainless steel cable railing. After several years your home cable railing will be strong, solid, and shiny as new.

 6, Strong impact resistance: iron cable railings encounter heavy extrusion, easy to deformation; stainless steel cable railings have better impact resistance, not deformation. Even a 300kgs person sitting on the railing is not affected.

7, Anti-fading: the color of many railing is maintained by the material plated on the surface, and is not the color of the railing material itself. And the color of stainless steel is its own color, there is no fading phenomenon after a long time of use. After several years your home railing still is a new railing.


Stainless steel cable railing, stair & deck cable railings Code and Regulations

1, The required height for residential railing is 42 inches

2, Cables must be tensioned to provide minimum cable deflection using a 4-inch sphere, to satisfy building code requirements.

3, Openings between cables should not exceed 4", Most manufacturers recommend a maximum vertical spacing of no more than 3-inch Free opening between cables

4, Typical diameters are 1/8", 3/16" for residential and 3/16" and 1/4" for commercial applications

5, A 4" sphere shall not pass through any portion of a barrier on a guardrail

6, Post spacing be no more than 5 ft on center Some manufacturers require as little as no more than 3 ft on center


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