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What is a Juliette/Juliet balcony? 

A Juliet/Juliette balcony is a very narrow balcony or railing, located outside a window or French door on the upper level of a building. They are also known as balconies. Usually, there is no deck or few decks on the building, so a Juliet/Juliette balcony is a railing fixed on the building facade. They are designed to provide the appearance of a full balcony in areas where large installations are not possible or appropriate.

What is a glass Juliet/Juliette balcony?

A glass Juliet balcony is a balustrade made of glass that is used above a window or french door. Because Juliet balconies do not have the nature of a complete installation, however, people are eager to see the view outside and to have fresh air and sunlight outside. Glass specific transparent, the characteristics of a clear view. Glass railing is the best choice for Juliet balcony. That is why some people think Juliette/Juliet's balcony is a glass railing balcony.

Advantages of glass Juliet balconies


1, Julie balconies are shallow balconies that take up almost no outside space.

Juliet balconies are not very large cornices and may extend only a few feet from the apartment's windows or glass doors, just a few inches or not at all. And, for safety and aesthetics, these balconies are always bounded by railings or barriers on the exterior of the building


2, Maximize the use of space

In the commercialized modern society, especially in the developed big cities, every inch of land is precious. Glass Julie balcony allows people to maximize the use of space so that people adapt to the pattern of seamlessly fit the space


3, Easy to install

Usually, It uses a slotted handrail above, some supporting shoes below or a supporting handrail, a glass in the middle, the structure is very simple and easy to install.



4, Clear view

the glass has a transparent, clear view. You can have a clear view of the outside landscape. Bring the sunshine and fresh air into your home


5, Glass Julie balcony is easy to maintain.

Usually, glass Julie balcony accessories are stainless steel, stainless steel surface is not easy to rust, solid and durable, do not rest to extra maintenance. Unlike other metal Julie balconies, the surface coating used for a period of time is, need to maintain, or more and more serious, to the point of unusable, bringing a very bad appearance to the building. Also, the glass does not need maintenance, some use self-cleaning glass, the glass can remove the dust, and so on by itself.


6, Low cost

Due to the simple structure of Julie glass balcony, few materials used, the whole Julie balcony materials are cheap and do not require you to spend extra money. The second is the simple structure, easy to install, the installation cost is also very low. The third is easy maintenance, glass Julie balcony does not need or has very low maintenance costs. These three points together are the lowest cost of glass Julie's balcony.


Glass Julie balcony style structure


1, Frameless glass Julie balcony railing

The most popular is the left and right with a few glass standoff fixed glass or bottom with some glass standoff fixed glass, Some design is left and right 2 sides are U profiles. It is easy glass, easy to install.

frameless glass juliet balcony railings



2, Handrail style glass Julie balcony railing

The upper and lower handrail fixed glass, some are handrails with glass clips


handrail style glass juliet balcony railings


3, Post style glass Julie balcony railing

The middle of the upper and lower handrail with a post form, some are same as stair railing with a row of posts, this railing is most solid, the most secure. The cost is also the highest


post style glass juliet balcony railings