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 What are stainless steel glass stair and balcony railing systems?


The glass railing is used in stairs and balconies, it also can be used in the porch, deck, corridor, etc. The glass railing systems are whole railings, they include glass panels,  glass railing fittings, glass railing posts, railing handrails, post fittings, etc. The metal parts are stainless steel material.


What are stainless steel glass stair and balcony balustrade systems?


The glass balustrade is used in stairs and balconies, it also can be used in the porch, deck, corridor, etc. The glass balustrade systems are whole railings, they include glass panels,  glass balustrade fittings, glass balustrade posts, railing handrails, post fittings, etc. The metal parts are stainless steel material.


Generally speaking, glass railings equals glass balustrades. different places call it different. In some countries, the glass railing total equals glass balustrades. In some countries, the balustrade general is a railing with posts. the following will introduce the specific glass railings/balustrades.


Railings are a very important consideration when building a home. When it comes to installing outdoor or indoor railings, there are many options available in the market.                    
You can choose any material for the balustrade by considering their needs and preferences. However, of all the options available in the market, glass balustrades are the most versatile material. Glass harmonizes well with the surrounding decor and leaves a very elegant impression.                    


The glass balustrade offers some unique advantages that make them rank first and can serve everyone's purpose, whether it is to add beauty to a home or to reduce maintenance costs.


Making stair railings with glass is also one of the most common types of modern minimalist handrails, especially in public places. This material can make public places more stylish and is very easy to clean, just use a wet rag to clean it directly.                    

Glass railing appearance high-grade, non-fading, durable, high impact strength, long service life, simple production, easy installation, low maintenance costs, easy to clean.


A good glass railing is made of stainless steel, the perfect combination of tempered glass and balcony, without losing safety performance, also tempered glass embedded in the aluminum groove, solidity, good wind resistance performance.                    

YS Tell you the classification of glass railing                    

Frameless type:

There is no connecting material between glass and glass, some may have u profile on the top and it is appropriate to leave a gap of about 8mm between glass blocks and blocks during installation, so as not to damage the glass by colliding with each other or generating stress due to temperature changes. The glass is fixed by an adapter or glass shoes 


Inlaid type:

This way is set up by the glass on both sides of the post, the post both sides have a slot, or the three sides with the ground, or the three sides with the handrail slot. The glass is directly installed into these two or three sides of the slot, by injecting glass glue into the slot for fixing. post regardless of what materials are used, stainless steel or brass tubes, are first slotted on both sides of the tube, requiring the cutout to be flat and smooth, and shall not be uneven or with burrs.    


Panel type:

The glass is clamped by the glass clamps on the balusters. All glass clamps on a baluster must be on a vertical line, and all balusters of each railing must also ensure vertical and straight. The clamping force should be properly controlled when installing the glass and should not exceed the required range of the design to avoid damage to the glass due to excessive clamping force. 



YS tell you the glass railing composition 

Frameless style:

The composition of the glass balustrade accessories generally includes glass, glass clamps, glass adapters, glass shoes, etc.                    


Inlaid style:

The composition of the glass balustrade accessories generally includes glass, slotted baluster, glass clamp, handrail, baluster accessories or glass shoes, etc.                                        

Panel type:

Glass balustrade components generally include glass, glass baluster, baluster accessories, glass clamps, handrail, etc.                    

Commonly used materials                    

Stainless steel +glass, stainless steel glass railing 


Aluminum +glass, aluminum glass railing          


YS uses high-quality material, real material makes your glass stair railing more safe and solid, you don't need to worry about safety. It uses ten years without loosening, deformation, and no sound. After ten years it's still a brand new handrail, you don't want to replace it at all.           


YS tell you the choice of glass                    


  • Tempered glass features high strength, high thermal impact strength, good safety, even if broken, appearing mesh cracks, broken into pieces without sharp edges, safer than ordinary glass.                                        
  • Laminated tempered glass is a kind of safety glass, it is made of two or more pieces of tempered glass embedded between the transparent plastic sheet, hot-pressed into flat composite glass products.                                        
  • Wire glass is also known as shatterproof glass and steel wire glass. It is the ordinary flat glass heated to a red-hot softened state, and then the pretreatment of wire or wire mesh pressed into the middle of the glass. When the glass is subjected to impact or temperature change, so that it is broken but not missing, cracked but not scattered, after the heat blast can still maintain a fixed state, the role of fire isolation, so also known as fire-resistant glass.                    

Glass railings generally use tempered glass as the panel, due to the characteristics of tempered glass when broken, the formation of broken pieces will not cause injury to people,


High-rise users are using laminated glass, in the event of broken glass due to the laminated glass middle of the film has a bonding effect on the glass fragments, broken glass does not fall to injury.


At the same time, laminated glass can also be customized frosted glass style, the user's privacy also has a very good protection role.                    


As the glass in the railing construction is both decorative elements and force members, need to have a protective function and withstand external forces such as pushing, leaning, squeezing; so should use safety glass, the current use of tempered laminated glass, commonly used for 6 + 0.76PVB + 6 mm double tempered dry laminated glass, single-layer tempered glass is generally selected 12mm thick varieties, because tempered glass can not be cut at the construction site, so should According to the design size as a supplement, the actual size of the site is the main to the manufacturer's order, must pay attention to the glass row block reasonable, accurate size. The single piece of glass of railing is generally no longer than 1100mm;              


YS railing color                    


The glass is generally white and transparent.                    


1, Stainless steel

Stainless steel glass railing. Stainless steel primary color (mirror, satin, matte), vacuum gold color, vacuum black, etc.                    

2, Aluminum.                    

According to the use of different requirements to choose different surface treatment processes, generally the following kinds of treatment,  paint is used the most, a variety of colors.                   

  • Anodic oxidation - in the aluminum surface dead oxide film, can effectively improve the protective properties of the aluminum. Oxidation film is not conductive, not applicable to the case requiring conductivity.                    
  • Chemical oxidation - for general protection, easy processing, low cost.                    
  • Coated with an organic protective layer ( paint, powder-coated, etc.), usually based on oxidation.                    


YS glass railing advantages                 


Clear view:

Clear glass balustrades provide a clear view of your surroundings, allowing you to enjoy being outdoors.                    
Unlimited sense of space: Railings made up of glass give a greater sense of space and freshness. Desirable for smaller homes, a tall glass railing makes the house look larger.                    

Weather resistance:

The glass acts as a barrier against wind, rain, and cold, allowing the use of glass-enclosed spaces to enjoy the outdoors in adverse weather conditions.                    


If the formal design plan is fully followed, the thickness and layers of material of glass meet or exceed the specified specifications. Glass railings are better and safer, and their safety and anti-vibration and anti-slip properties are even better than other materials.                    
Using glass as a railing is safe to install because if the glass is broken and then becomes tempered glass shards, it will not hurt anyone.          


It gives a unique feeling that distinguishes it from other materials. The psychological safety feeling brought by this visual should not be considered as a physical safety property of glass, because it is one of the visual effect attributes that make glass railings different.                    


You can customize glass colors such as brown, gray, red, black, bronze, etc. to give a sense of space and openness, but still, guarantee your privacy. The color should also be chosen so that the balustrade matches the rest of the household fixtures in the room.                    

Creative design:

A glass balustrade is also convenient for users to customize its design and shape at a reasonable cost, and one can freely choose clear glass or frosted glass balustrade according to his understanding of beauty.       

Low maintenance cost:

The maintenance process of tempered glass is simple and inexpensive. In addition to daily cleaning of the glass, dirt and stains can be easily cleaned by simply using soapy water.                    

Child safety:

Wooden railings and iron railings will have some sharp corners that may hurt children. However, in glass railings, the glass is installed as a continuous sheet to prevent children from getting stuck in the stairs and handrails.                    


Super durable railing can be achieved with tempered glass that is resistant to corrosion, shattering, and cracking. This is a perfect choice for families with children and pets.                    


For more privacy, we can utilize opaque glass, such as sandblasted and frosted glass, which can also work well for home improvement upgrades.                    

Climate change resistance:

Compared to spaced stainless steel balustrades, glass balustrades are more capable of blocking heavy winds and rain due to the unity of the glass and do not make the balcony overly waterlogged on rainy days.                    


YS tells you a glass balustrade is the most attractive choice among customers and the most demanded choice because it not only provides exquisite elegance beauty to the home but also low maintenance cost.                    


Ten things that must be noted when you buy the glass railing, YS tells you.                   

1. Tempered glass cannot be cut, and processed again, but only before tempering the glass to the desired shape, and then tempered. Toughened glass can not be put in if there is a slight error in the size of the manufacturing trouble and cannot be cut or polished.                    


2. Although the strength of tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass, tempered glass has the possibility of spontaneous explosion (self-breakage), while ordinary glass does not have the possibility of spontaneous explosion.                    


3. Glass stair railing will not match the glass and accessories, or the glass accessories can not clamp the glass, the glass slipped, and so on.


4. The glass has scratches, bubbles, etc.


5. Poor surface treatment of accessories, no aesthetics


6. Accessories film is not suitable, the accessories film material is not environmentally friendly. Short service life.


7. Accessories thickness is not enough, resulting in the whole railing strength is not enough


8. Glass and accessories material is not qualified


9. Such as laminated glass using a bad film will lead to yellowing glass, glass mold when the glass is used for a period of time


10. Such as accessories using stainless steel material is not qualified surface will rust, resulting in a dirty yellow stair railing, very ugly, accessories using aluminum material are not qualified surface will be oxidized, accessories will become thin and ugly.


So you need to buy railing from the regular manufacturers, otherwise, the quality can not be guaranteed, the later replacement of glass railing is also very difficult, very troublesome. If you want to buy a glass railing, please contact us, YS is your glass railing expert.               


YS tell the glass stair railing, glass balcony railing price                    


Stainless steel post glass railings    


Railing type Material China export approximate meter price China export approximate foot price End-user approximate meter price End-user approximate foot price
 Post glass railing  304 $55-125/m $19-45/foot $275-625/m $91-210/foot
316 $75-145/m $25-49/foot $375-725/m $125-250/foot


Stainless steel frameless pins glass railings   


Railing type Material China export approximate meter price China export approximate foot price End-user approximate meter price End-user approximate foot price
Frameless pins glass railing  304 $36-85/m $12-29/foot $180-425/m $60-141/foot
316 $45-95/m $15-32/foot $225-475/m $75-157/foot


Stainless steel talons glass railing 


Railing type Material China export approximate meter price China export approximate foot price End-user approximate meter price End-user approximate foot price
Talons glass railing  304 $70-115/m $24-38/foot $350-575/m $116-190/foot
316 $90-135/m $30-45/foot $450-675/m $150-225/foot


 Aluminum glass post railing    


Railing type Material China export approximate meter price China export approximate foot price End-user approximate meter price End-user approximate foot price
Post railing Al 6061 $45-115/m $15-38/foot $225-575/m $75-200/foot



Aluminum frameless glass railing with base rail 


Railing type Material China export approximate meter price China export approximate foot price End-user approximate meter price End-user approximate foot price
Frameless glass railing Al 6061 $75-150/m $25-50/foot $375-750/m $125-250/foot


 The installation cost is about $95/m. The prices are for the regular import channels from China, the prices vary from channel to channel.


YS tells you how to clean and maintain the glass railing    

Glass railing for cleaning requirements is almost the highest in all railing, usually some very fine dust and touch fingerprints, for the glass railing is also obvious, of course, this is because the special material of the glass railing, so usually, we should be more trouble in the cleaning of glass railing.


The first thing to prepare is the tools, glass cleaning tools are: double-sided glass wiper, glass water scraper, high-pressure spray bottle, glass professional with a sickle, cleaning ball, cleaning cloth these are more professional and practical glass cleaning tools.


When the tools are ready, then it is with a spatula and cleaning ball to remove stubborn stains on the frame and glass, and then it is a high-pressure spray bottle with a good solution of glass cleaner evenly sprayed onto the glass, wipe the glass frame clean with Pasteur cloth, and finally use the glass scraper to dry the watermarks on the glass side.                    


For tempered glass stainless steel railing glass, you also need to remember three points of protection.                    


1. Do not use sharp objects to strike or hit the glass surface to avoid breakage                    


2. Do not wipe the glass surface with corrosive liquids such as Tiana water, so as not to damage the surface gloss.                    


3. Do not use rough materials to wipe the glass surface to avoid scratches.                    


YS tell you the installation method  

There are 3 kinds of installation methods for glass railings.                    
Glass clamp post-installation: After installing the post, weld the glass clamp to fix the glass, the glass needs to be positioned according to the glass clamp to open the hole, there is no need for open-hole glass clamps. the glass is ready to be hung on the fixed clamps.                    
Slotted post-installation: the glass is done directly into the post slot.
No post-installation: This is a very strict requirement for the size of the glass and  the sample glass placement, that is, through a piece of glass spliced into the staircase or balcony, the joints between the glass to play glass glue, the lower part of the glass openings directly fixed in the stair-step or balcony                   



Railing installation is mostly the same, the stair handrail involves turning or rotating, bringing a little difficulty to the installation. The following describes the installation of the stair handrail.


1. Handrail installation - prepare in advance                    

(1) when you receive the handrail package, first check whether the railing is damaged, if so, apply for a return or exchange.                    
(2) If there is no problem, now count the number of handrails, then prepare the installation tools, read the instructions in advance, measure the data needed with a soft ruler, put it to minimize the error.


2, handrail installation-positioning and scribing


(1) Positioning and scribing is the first step of handrail installation, find the right position first, draw the design and mark the size with a pencil, and then make a good mark on the wall corresponding to the corresponding.                    

(2) first install the handrail fixings, first install the post of the railing handrail, and then refer to the installation drawings construction, when install fixings, must be fixed tightly, or it may affect the later installation process, adding unnecessary trouble.                    

3. Stair handrail installation-corner treatment                    

(1) the overall process of stair handrail installation is not difficult, the focus on the corner of the stairs, which is a little difficult to deal with, first in advance to connect the handrail, mainly to facilitate the connection, and finally install the final assembly part.                    
(2) there may be different installation conditions for each foot, you can first install the key part, and then connect with the handrail, if there is a problem, you can refer to the actual situation, the corresponding adjustment, and installation, to minimize the error, do not delay the overall installation effect.                    

4. Handrail installation - glass adhesive                    

(1) when the various parts of the glass handrail are installed, the first glass glue evenly coated in the glass joint gap, when using, does not get everywhere, or it is difficult to clean up if accidentally spilled to the ground, try to clean up earlier.                    
(2) When using the glass glue, pay attention to the width of the glass glue and the size of the gap. After playing the glue, do not move first, wait for half an hour, wait for it to dry solid, use a knife to scrape off the surface traces.                    

5. Handrail installation-check                    

When the whole handrail installation is completed, do not use it first, now wait two days, but on the day of handrail installation, we can check the corresponding according to the installation, if there are abnormalities, can be adjusted in time, can not bring inconvenience to us. Handrail installation, please pay attention to the planning position, if unreasonable, not only aggravate the burden of the stairs but also reduce the whole decoration style.


Because the tempered glass balustrade this material stair handrail needs to be in use to bear a certain amount of load, so the design, must be strictly and carefully by the relevant national design specifications of the operational requirements, the glass balustrade of each part of the key and nodes for pre-design and calculation, this basis to determine the choice of glass stair handrail and related accessories! 


General glass balustrade, do not set up a post, but if it is outdoor glass staircase handrail, due to the flow of people is more secret, so to prevent the occurrence of accidental unsafe events, it is best to add the metal material post. 


Glass staircase handrail if it is a multi-story runner corridor glass type of railing, then the height of the handrail design should be in line with the requirements of the architectural design code, control between 1.1-1.2m.


In general, during the processing of glass stair railings, the peripheral parts of the glass must be polished and chamfered, while ensuring that the cut part of the glass periphery must be flat, to avoid or reduce the occurrence of glass spontaneous explosion problems.


Glass staircase handrail base or post base is not for the design, it is best to use pre-buried parts or pre-buried bolts way to improve the stability of the use of glass railings. The expansion bolt method should be used sparingly.                    

YS tell you the common glass railings code                

Because of the protection and external expansion force and other safety factors, the glass needs to use 12mm tempered glass or laminated glass.


The glass can not directly contact the rigid node, so in the installation to use an elastic material liner.


Also, if the glass railing is embedded, it is necessary to pay attention to the glass embedded in the column slot at both ends to leave a gap of more than 3mm, to facilitate the filling of sealant. The depth of the glass embedded in the groove cannot be less than 12mm.                    

In China indoor stainless steel glass railing height is generally between 900mm-1000mm, outdoor railing height is generally between 1000mm-1100mm; 


Low, multi-story residential balcony railings are actually not less than 1050mm;


High-rise residential balcony railing Net height should not be less than 1100mm;


Staircase handrail height should not be less than 900mm.


Staircase horizontal section railing length is greater than 500mm, its handrail height should not be less than 1050mm.


The net distance between the vertical bars of the staircase railing should not be greater than 110mm                    
Balcony railing design should prevent children from climbing, the clearance between the vertical bars of the railing should not be greater than 110mm.


The placement of flowerpots must be taken to prevent falling measures.


The height of many countries' railings is usually higher than In China, In some countries, indoor railing height is 1000mm-1100mm, outdoor railing height is 1100mm-1200mm.


Stainless steel glass railing post, the design of the standard post and post distance is about 1200-1300mm. If the spacing is too small, it will increase the number of posts, thus leading to increased costs; if the spacing is greater than this number, it will cause there is an insecurity factor. 


YS is your glass railing expert, there is more information about stair glass railing, balcony glass railing, please follow us.


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