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A . What is a frameless glass balustrade? What is a frameless glass railing?                   

Frameless glass balustrade/railing, as the name suggests, is a glass balustrade with the entire railing made of glass, without frames and posts. The bottom is fixed with glass clips, spigot, glass standoff, base shoes, and so on.

Some of them are installed with slotted glass handrails, U profiles on the top. Usually, they are used on balconies or swimming pools。

Some of them are installed with handrails. Usually, they are used on the stairs. Cut a hole in the glass and install the glass bracket, which supports the handrail tube. The handrail is convenient to go upstairs to grip.

Generally speaking, frameless glass railings equals frameless glass balustrades. different places call it different. In some countries, the glass railing total equals glass balustrades. In some countries, the balustrade general is a railing with posts. 


B. Application of glass balustrade without frame                    

A frameless glass balustrade can be used at home stairs, even leapfrogs stairs, balconies, swimming pools. in the villa can be used to make the villa a more gorgeous atmosphere; the frameless glass balustrade can also be used in hotels, office buildings, malls, and other places.                    

C. Features of frameless glass railings                    

YS frameless glass stair and balcony railing advantages                  
1, Simple and generous design: different from the bulky and cold iron railings, glass railings as a whole look simple and refreshing, and fine workmanship, high decorative effect.                    


2, Has good self-cleaning: glass surface is smooth and dense, so the surface is not easy to attach dust, compared with the ordinary texture of the stone railing, there is a good self-cleaning performance, after rainfall after self-cleaning as new, no maintenance.

Compared with metal railing, to make up for the paint, rust, need to paint every other year to maintain the shortcomings.  


3, Easy to install, you can install by yourself, don't need to ask professionals people


4, Easy to maintain, just to clean it 


5, Solid and stable, no loosing, no sound after installation. YS manufacturer frameless glass railing with quality material, give you a  safe stair. YS gives you a quiet and comfortable home.


6, Excellent surface, match your stairs and balcony to give your home a comfortable, modern home.                

D. YS tells you, Eleven things that must be noted when you buy the glass frameless balustrades.  

1, The installation is difficult: the glass under the mouth and the base are difficult to fix firmly, locking difficulty, both sides of the gasket fixed strength are uneven when the glass will tilt. YS frameless balustrade gasket sides are very even, YS will give you an easy install frameless balustrades               
2, If the frameless glass balustrade is difficult to install. The installation labor cost is higher.                    
3, Safety hazards over time: it is difficult to fix the lower opening firmly, and the glass will become loose later, and the tempered glass will be prone to spontaneous explosion, etc.         


 4, The frameless glass stair and balcony railing will not match the glass and accessories, or the glass accessories can not clamp the glass, the glass slipped, and so on.


5, The glass has scratches, bubbles, etc.


6, Poor surface treatment of accessories, no aesthetics


7,  Accessories film is not suitable, the accessories film material is not environmentally friendly. Short service life.


8, Accessories thickness is not enough, resulting in the whole railing strength is not enough


9, Glass and accessories material is not qualified


10, Such laminated glass using a bad film will lead to yellowing glass, glass mold when the glass is used for a period of time


11, Such as accessories using stainless steel material is not qualified surface will rust, resulting in dirty yellow stair railing, very ugly, accessories using aluminum material is not qualified surface will be oxidized, accessories will become thin and ugly.


So you need to buy railing from the regular manufacturers, otherwise, the quality can not be guaranteed, the later replacement of glass railing is also very difficult, very troublesome. If you want to buy a glass railing, please contact us, YS is your glass railing expert.

E . Usually, there are types bottom of frameless glass railings/balustrades.                  

Frameless glass railing/balustrade systems = top rail + glass groove shoes + soft connection + glass panelsaluminum glass balustrade systems                  

Frameless glass railing/balustrade systems  = top rail + glass spigots + soft connection + glass panels

frameless glass spigot railings                 

Frameless glass railing/balustrade systems  = top rail + glass adapters + soft connection + glass panels 


Aluminum glass railing shoes 2



F, Price 


Stainless steel 304 or 316 frameless glass brakect、standoffs or spigots balustrades/railings


  • Stainless steel 304 frameless glass standoff balustrades/railings $36-85/m, $12-29/foot
  • Stainless steel 316 frameless glass standoff balustrades/railings  $45-95/m, $15-32/foot
  • Stainless steel 304 frameless glass spigot balustrades/railings  $40-105/m, $14-35/foot
  • Stainless steel 316 frameless glass spigot balustrades/railings  $49-125/m, $16-42/foot
  • Stainless steel 304 frameless glass bracket balustrades/railings  $40-105/m, $14-35/foot
  • Stainless steel 316 frameless glass bracket balustrades/railings  $49-125/m, $16-42/foot
  • The installation runs about $95/m, The foot is about $32/foot     

Aluminum frameless glass railings/balustrades with base rail 

Aluminum 6061 base shoe glass railing/balustrades  $27-125/m, $25-42/foot 

The installation runs about $95/m, The footer price is about $32/footer                                                           

A glass balustrade is a common element of minimalist designers. The glass design is simple and generous, fashionable and fresh, exquisite and beautiful, plus dust is not easy to adhere to the glass surface, easy to clean and no care, perfect for the busy modern people.                    
In hotels and villas, designers often use large glass balustrades to decorate the space, without the influence of the vertical bar visual feeling will be more transparent, more beautiful, and easy to clean.                    

YS is your glass railing expert, there is more information about stair glass railing, balcony glass railing, please follow us.


YS specializes in manufacturing glass railing for more than 15 years, YS glass railing is safe and solid, no loosening, no sound, easy to install, you don't need to worry about any safety and installation problems, give you a quiet and comfortable home. safe and easy glass railing is YS. After 10 years of using it is still a new glass railing, you don't want to replace it. YS will recommend the best glass railing for you. Click the red button on the top right to send us an inquiry!  


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