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Stainless steel has the characteristics of affordable price, good appearance, simple cleaning, easy care, etc., in recent years, stainless steel stair railing is more and more widely used in our life.
Stainless steel stair railings and handrails are made of stainless steel, mainly divided into handrails, posts, bases, railing accessories, and other components, usually referred to as stainless steel stair railings.

1, YS Stainless Steel Railing Style

There are hundreds of stainless steel handrail styles, the main ones are tubular railing, cable railing, glass railing, baluster railing, panels railing, wall railing, etc

2, YS Stainless Steel Railing Surface


(1),  Railing surface treatment

On the surface treatment of stainless steel railings: currently, there are three kinds:  brushed, mirror polished, matte pearl silver surface. brushed and mirror polished are the most common treatment, pearl silver is few.
Among them, the brushed is the original color of stainless steel, its advantage is that the more you use the brighter, brushed is ground out with a grinding wheel;
Mirror polishing, is the most easily scratched, looks good, with a long time, very ugliest, so at present, no one uses it in some countries.
Sandblasting, the effect is a pearl matte, its advantage is oil-resistant and very beautiful, but in terms of wear resistance can not catch up with brushed;

(2),  Railing color

Can be done according to demand. Generally have the following processing
Vacuum plating: titanium, rose gold, champagne gold, Japanese gold, dazzling silver, sapphire blue, seven colors, black, and other conventional colors can be plated
Black  painting (most do not need,)
Black powder coated and so on

3, YS Stainless Steel Railing Advantages

The characteristics of stainless steel railings and handrails system
Not deformed and not afraid of heat: compared with iron, glass, solid wood, and other materials, stainless steel is a whole, basically will not have cracking phenomenon. In addition, stainless steel is also a more environmentally friendly material, not afraid of heat and not deformed, very suitable for stair railings.
Even in case of fire, you don't have to worry about your stainless steel cable railing. After several years your home cable railing will be strong, solid, and shiny as new.
Waterproof performance is good: stainless steel does not absorb water, made of stair railings have a good waterproof performance.
Your home's cable railing is still clean and dry as new after heavy rain. You only need to wipe the surface, or it will dry itself in a few minutes without wiping.
Strong impact resistance: iron stair railings encounter heavy extrusion, easy to deformation; stainless steel railing has good impact resistance, not deformation.
Even a 300kgs person sitting on the railing is not affected.
Anti-fading: the color of many stairs is maintained by the material plated on the surface, and is not the color of the railing material itself. And the color of stainless steel is its own color, there is no fading phenomenon after a long time of use.
After several years your home railing still is a new railing.
Easy to install, low cost of installation labor. You can install it by yourself, no need to ask professional install workers
Not -rust in the appropriate environment, YS cable railing still be a new railing after you new several years, you don't want to remove it at all.

No loosening, no sound, YS give you a quiet and safe home

Strong and sturdy, YS provides a real thickness stainless steel railing with accessories. You do not need to worry about the railing solid problem. YS gives you a safe railing, especially for families with children, The YS railing protects your children.

4, YS Stainless Steel Railing Applications

Stainless steel stair railing is mainly used in construction projects. It is widely used in homes, companies, parks, squares, shopping malls, etc. Indoor and outdoor stairs can be used, and the appearance is very modern.

5, YS Tells You How to clean stainless steel stair railings and handrails

We know that stainless steel stair handrails cleaning is simple and easy,  so, how to clean the stainless steel staircase handrails?
Ordinary dust: for the general dust and dirt, directly with soapy water or warm water to clean.
Surface adhesive paper: staircase railing surface trademark or adhesive paper with weak detergent and warm water to rinse.
Surface oil stain: just wipe with a soft rag with detergent.
Strong dirt: use a rag with the appropriate amount of alcohol or organic solvent to clean, then wipe clean with a dry rag.
Rusty railing: If the railing is rusty, you can wash it with 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent, or use special cleaning drugs to clean it.

6, YS Tells You Stainless steel stair railing cleaning precautions

First of all, because the stainless steel material is easy to be scratched, in the process of cleaning, should not use rough or sharp surface tools to clean, such as steel wire ball, etc., should choose a soft texture of the cleaning tools to wipe.
Secondly, cleaning stainless steel railing, can not force too much, because too vigorous easily let the railing traces. General ordinary stains only need to gently wipe can, even if it is very difficult to clean the stain, with the right cleaner, can also easily handle.
Finally, you can not use the washing solution containing bleaching substances to clean stainless steel, because the substances containing these ingredients will be in the scrubbing if not cleaned, its residual substances will corrode the stainless steel surface and destroy the stainless layer.

7, YS Tells You How to maintain stainless steel stair railings?

Compared with furniture, coffee table, and other home building materials, the frequency of replacement of stairs will be smaller. Basically, a staircase is difficult to be abandoned until the house is redecorated. This also requires us all to treat and maintain the staircase well in general. So, how to maintain the more common stainless steel stair railings in recent years?
Regular cleaning of the railing
The most critical thing to maintain the staircase railing is to regularly clean it, not to let the surface of the accumulated dust, dirt, and other corrosion railing surface, thus affecting the service life of the railing.
Choose the right cleaning tools
When cleaning the stainless steel staircase railing, do not use steel wool, steel wool scrubbing may make the metal particles adhere to the railing surface, easy to rust, thus shortening the service life of the railing.
In addition, when cleaning the railing, do not use steel brushes or the rough texture of the brush, so as not to scratch the surface of the stainless steel stair railing.
When cleaning the stainless steel railing, choose to use a sponge or soft rag is appropriate; if you want to use to cleaners, weak alkaline or weak acidic cleaners are not suitable, neutral cleaners are most suitable, will not break the stainless steel stainless layer.
Regularly check the connection between the railing and other accessories
In addition to the railing to often clean, but also regularly check the stainless steel railing and other stair accessories connected place, see if these places are still solid as before, whether there are loose or damaged parts of the phenomenon. Find the problem, adjust it on time.

8,YS Tells You Which material is good for stainless steel staircase railing?


For stainless steel material issues, most people only have some understanding of 304 stainless steel, do not know that stainless steel is also divided into 201, 301, 304, 316, and other different models. So if you want to make stainless steel staircase railing with what material is good?
201 stainless steel: with a certain degree of acid resistance, alkali resistance, high density, polished without bubbles, no pinholes, and other characteristics. Used for moisture, high salt, high acid, and other places prone to rust.
301 stainless steel: has good ductility and is usually used informed stair railings. Easy to rust in stainless steel.
301 is the most easily cold deformation strengthening steel, through cold deformation processing can make the steel strength, hardness, and retain sufficient plasticity, toughness,
Plus this steel has good rust resistance in atmospheric conditions, but in reducing media corrosion resistance is poor, in acid, alkali, salt, and other chemical media corrosion resistance is poor, so it is not recommended for use in a corrosive environment。
304 stainless steel: general-purpose type, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, moisture resistance is better. Commonly used as stair railings selection.
To maintain the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, the steel must contain more than 18% chromium, more than 8% nickel content
304L stainless steel, also known as ultra-low carbon stainless steel, is a versatile stainless steel material that is widely used to make equipment and machine parts that require good overall performance (corrosion resistance and formability).
304L stainless steel has excellent resistance to grain boundary corrosion and a little better corrosion and rust protection.
The strength of the two materials is also different, 304L material is a little lower than 304, to facilitate processing.
In addition, the welded section of 304 stainless steel requires post-weld annealing treatment, while 304L stainless steel does not.
316 stainless steel.
Characteristics: Because of the addition of Mo, so its corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance, and high-temperature strength is particularly good, can be used in harsh conditions
316L stainless steel: compared to 316, 316LC is lower. 316L has a wide range of applications in the chemical industry because of its excellent corrosion resistance.
316L is ultra-low carbon, L stands for low carbon, so the carbon content of 316L material is lower than 316 material.
Secondly, the corrosion resistance is different, 316L stainless steel has better resistance to grain boundary corrosion and better anti-corrosion and rust resistance.
The strength of the two materials is also different, the strength of 316L material is a little lower than 316, which is convenient for processing.
In addition, the welded section of 316 stainless steel requires post-weld annealing treatment, while 316L stainless steel does not.
2205 duplex stainless steel
2205 duplex stainless steel has excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, as well as good weldability. It can be used in seawater, under extremely harsh conditions.
2205 duplex stainless steel tube chemical composition
The common stainless steel staircase railings material on the market is usually stainless steel 304 more, indoor environment dry can be used 201, 301, outdoor use 304, coastal areas use 316 material, high acid high salt areas recommended with 2205.
YS provides real material, really corresponds to the standard stainless steel material, YS railing all the accessories are tested every time to ensure that each accessory is corresponding to the standard stainless steel.

9, Installation



10, Price

Stainless steel cable railing
Stainless steel 304 cable railing price $45-115/meter, $15-38/footer
Stainless steel 316 cable railing price $60-135/meter, $20-45/footer
The satin finish is cheaper than mirror polished 10%
The installation runs about $95/m

Stainless steel glass railing
Stainless steel 304 glass railing price $55-125/meter, $19-45/footer
Stainless steel 316 glass railing price $75-145/meter, $25-49/footer
The satin finish is cheaper than mirror polished 10%
The installation runs about $95/m

Stainless steel tubular railing
Stainless steel 304 tubular railing price $55-125/meter, $19-45/footer
Stainless steel 316 tubular railing price $75-145/meter, $25-49/footer
The satin finish is cheaper than mirror polished 10%
The installation runs about $95/m

Stainless steel wall railing
Stainless steel 304 wall railing price $25-95/meter, $10-31/footer
Stainless steel 316 wall railing price $35-105/meter, $12-35/footer
The satin finish is cheaper than mirror polished 10%.
The installation runs about $25-30/m


11, YS Tells You Some Common Railing Code

Common mandatory standards for the height of stair railings, Different countries have different regulations. The following standards are for reference only
a, residential stair railing handrail
(1), indoor common staircase handrail height from the front of the tread to the top of the handrail should not be less than 0.9 meters, the horizontal handrail more than 0.5 meters long, its height should not be less than 1 meter.
(2), the height of the outdoor common staircase railing should not be less than 1.05 meters, and should not be less than 1.10 meters in high-rise residential.
(3), stairwell width greater than 0.2 meters, should not choose to make it children easy to climb the lattice, the headroom between the vertical pieces of the railing should not be greater than 0.11 meters.
b, the railing: where the balcony, exterior corridors, indoor corridors, interior patio, upper roof, and outdoor stairs should be set up at the empty protective railing and should comply with the following provisions.
(1), the railing should be made of strong, durable materials, and can withstand the load specifications set horizontal load.
(2), the height of the air front is 24 meters or less, the height of the railing should not be less than 1.05 meters. The height of the air front is 24 meters and above (including high-rise residential), the height of the railing should not be less than 1.1 meters.
(3), the height of the railing should be calculated from the floor or roof to the vertical height of the top surface of the railing handrail, such as the bottom has a width greater than or equal to 0.22 meters, and the height is less than or equal to 0.45 meters of the stoppable parts, should be calculated from the stoppable parts of the surface.
(4), railing from the ground or roof 0.1 height should not be left empty.
c, There are children's activities in the place, the railing should be used not easy to climb the structure.
Stairs, handrails, railings should comply with the following provisions.
(1), stairs in addition to the adult handrail, and should be set up against the wall side of the handrail for young children, its height should not be greater than 0.6m.
(2), the net distance between the vertical bars of the staircase railing should not be greater than 0.11 meters. When the net width of the stairwell is greater than 0.2 meters, one must take safety measures.
(3), residential, nursery, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and children's special activities of the railing must be used to prevent children and adolescents from climbing structure, when using vertical bars to do the railing, the net distance between the bars should not be greater than 0.11m.
(4), cultural and entertainment buildings, commercial service buildings, sports buildings, landscape architecture and other places that allow children to enter the activities, when taking vertical rails to do railings, the net distance between the bars should not be greater than 0.11m.
The height of the indoor staircase decoration, the standard should be 90cm, of course, this data can be changed according to the actual situation. After all, every family height is different, when the length of the staircase is more than 5 meters, the height of the staircase handrail can be appropriately raised to 100cm or more. in addition, if there are children at home, for safety reasons, is also the height of the staircase handrail, set at 100cm, or more is better.

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