Stainless Steel Donation Boxes/Cases, Stainless steel charity boxes/Cases

What is a stainless steel donation box?
A stainless steel donation box is literally a bucket made of stainless steel that is used for donations. It is usually used by wealthy people in the Moslem Church to donate some money to the needy. There are also some Red Cross organizations that donate money. It is used for charity.
The top of the stainless steel donation box is an acrylic box, and the top and bottom of the acrylic is a stainless steel lid. At the top is a coin port, so that people can donate money. Why use acrylic here? Acrylic is transparent, convenient to see how much money is inside.
Below the stainless steel, a donation box is a barrel-type box, the barrel inside is to put the money collection things. Some are money directly inside the barrel, some are hanging a collection bag, some are inside a stainless steel collection box.
Stainless steel donation box made is the upper decorative cover, acrylic, lower decorative cover, large barrel body, base, footpad.
The size of stainless steel is not the same according to different designs. The conventional size is 300mm outer diameter for the upper lid, 300mm outer diameter for the acrylic, 290mm high, 300mm outer diameter for the lower lid, 300mm outer diameter for the barrel body, 720mm high, 580mm outer diameter for the base, and the footpad.
Patterns and designs vary from denomination to denomination or organization. ys has more than 10 designs. Usually, the top lid and the middle bucket have etched patterns, which are very beautiful.
YS has designed a smart donation box that makes a thank you sound when people put in coins. When the box is full, it will automatically alarm and tell the person receiving the money that this box is full, please come and collect the money.
YS also designed a barrel below inside a stainless steel money collection box, the box can automatically let the money go down. When the money is full, the stainless steel money collection box directly draws away. The stainless steel money box and the bucket is a pull-out type. The stainless steel cash box automatically locks after the box is drawn away.
YS stainless steel donation box is made of 304 stainless steel, durable and rust-free, you do not have to worry about rust problems, after ten years of use or shiny as new. The surface adopts a mirror polishing treatment. Mirror stainless steel products give people a bright high-end feeling. In fact, stainless steel mirror light is also very expensive. The whole box is shiny and shiny. With etching, screen printing is very beautiful. Let you can't help but see more times.
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