Project Desciption

This is Etihad Towers Projects In UAE.
Main contractor is A.C.C. This project is useful
280 Tons of substructural steel
130 Tons of aesthetic steel grade ST52
Spider facades components
30 Tons of super mirror finish grade 316 stainless steel accessories glass hardware. The project has 50 containers together. Substructural steel and glass hardware are particularly diverse. The customer’s project was delayed for one month due to internal structural problems, and our contract with the customer was 2 months. The result is yongsheng to help customers catch up with the project everyday workers work overtime to add 1-2 o’clock am. 440tons products finished in a month. The procedures for fittings and components are numerous and complex. Yongsheng helps customers save a lot of engineering costs while avoiding huge fines. The customer was very happy after the completion and was very grateful to Yongsheng.

Project Starting Date : 19.05.2014

Project End Date : 12.06.2014

Glass Hardware And Aesthetic Steel Engineering Process

Glass hardware 90% is made of stainless steel 316. Mirror surface. Most of them are precision castings, The casting process is 1, make mold. 2, wax injection. 3, get wax. 4, dipping in the slurry 5, ceramic stuccoing 6, drying 7, dewax 8, shell sintering 9, melting& pouring 10 , Shell removal 11, bead blasting 12, pickling. Yongsheng has advanced CNC machines and polishing machines. Polished mirror can reach 800K. Few manufacturers can achieve it.

Work Scope

Yongsheng offer perfect stainless steel mesh, substructural steel to clients to make their whole engnieering perfect. Delivery in time, help client control engnieering cost and make sure safety.

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