Project Desciption

This is Abdullah International Airport engineering. The main contractor is SBG. Yongsheng made 200 tons substructural steel, 280 tons of galvanized painted steel, 6000 square 316L brushed mesh for this airport. This mesh is very popular in Dubai. Every month, Yongsheng will export 2 containers. There is also a soundproof mesh with a soundproof board in the middle. The project adds up to 405 containers. Yongsheng took 3 months to complete. When the project was produced, the customer representative tracked the quality at the job site. He said that Yongsheng is a great engineering factory, and it is trustworthy. We do a big project every year, and Yongsheng is really excellent.

Project Starting Date : 06.09.2008

Project End Date : 09.12.2008

Stainless Steel Mesh, Substructural Steel Engineering Process

The sound insulation mesh is made of flat bar, which is laser cut and then sanded, welded and then adhered to the fixed plate and the baffle, the baffle in the middle. The flat bar surface is more difficult to handle because most of it pulls out cracks, and the surface has sand holes that are uneven. The welding needs to be very uniform. After the entire construction is completed, wipe the surface with a gauze. The surface is free of any defects and inspecting. Yongsheng strictly controls every process.

The stainless steel mesh is first divided into strips and then surface treated. After the surface is processed, the machine is woven. After the weaving is completed, the surface treatment is performed again.

Structural steel The most important are welding, size, installation size, firmness, strength, etc., and the professionalism of the worker is very high. If you are not careful, it will lead to the whole project wrong. Before shipment, Yongsheng will arrange SGS testing to ensure the safety and reliability of the project without any problems.

Work Scope

Yongsheng offer perfect stainless steel mesh, substructural steel to clients to make their whole engnieering perfect. Delivery in time, help client control engnieering cost and make sure safety.

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