Project Desciption

This is the open-air football stadium of the Royal Gymnasium of the King’s University of Dubai. The stadium has 10,000 square meters. Among them, there are 5,000 square meters of a football field and 316L stainless steel of 400 square meters for the whole stadium. It consists of a variety of 316L gold Bull-nose. Bull-nose is all 3D curved 20m high. Each bull-nose has a different size, and each bull-nose has about 30 large drawings. The entire stadium consists of 300 big bull-nose. There are 600 40HQ containers at the time of shipment. 30 containers per week.

Hatco is the main contractor. Yongsheng completed all the projects in only 5 months and is expected to be completed in 7 months. Yongsheng was 2 months ahead of schedule. After completion, the Hatco project manager greatly appreciated Yongsheng. Gave the gift from the king to Yongsheng. Thank you for Yongsheng cooperation, thank you for Yongsheng good work, good team. Also, write a thank-you note to Yongsheng. When Yongsheng receives the thank-you note, all the hard work is worth it.

Project Starting Date : 12.05.2015

Project End Date : 12.10.2015

Stainless Steel Decoration Structure Engineering Process

Stainless steel nose is made of 3mm thick sanding board. The main part of the board is laser cut, and the V-cut is made after the laser cut because we must ensure the corners are beautiful. Welding after bending. This welding is very difficult, not only to ensure the angle of each post but also full welding without deformation, to ensure the beauty of the post. The 3mm thick plate is easily deformed by full welding. We are all welded by welding workers who have good welding technology and have been welding for more than 10 years. Their welding is meticulous, and every weld is strictly controlled. Welding the edges after welding the main body.

Bull-nose is very easy to break and bruise during working. After the main body is welded, the side is welded, and then the steel fixed support is welded inside. This piece is also a connecting piece. The fixed support ensures that the entire large post is very very strong. Grinding after welding, and then manually repairing the surface of the weld. The QC checks the dimensions, the outer surface, and the titanium is added after welding. One 5.8m deep furnace can only be plated with one part. After the gold plating, it is spliced to a height of 10m. The rest can only be shipped to Dubai and then put into 20m high. SGS shall be inspected before delivery. Check dimensions, surfaces, welds, links, materials. Big job for SGS.

Work Scope

Yongsheng offer perfect stainless steel mesh, substructural steel to clients to make their whole engnieering perfect. Delivery in time, help client control engnieering cost and make sure safety.

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