Project Desciption

This project is located in the coastal area of Norway. In the past, this place was a wooden railing, and the wood was easily corroded. Now it is all changed to stainless steel and glass railing, which is beautiful and safe. Close to the sea water, so the custom 2205 material can be guaranteed to be free from sea water corrosion. The full length is 500m, the glass is 12mm tempered transparent glass, looks very comfortable. The customer said that he has cooperated with Yongsheng for many years. Import this kind of posts one container every month and they are very good to sell. Yongsheng’s surface treatment is very good and I can’t find any flaws. The glass clamps are strong enough to withstand 70kg. We test it occasionally without any problems. Yongsheng they have a special test machine that will be tested before each shipment, which is very guaranteed. I really like Yongsheng, we have been working together for more than ten years.

Project Starting Date : 12.03.2017

Project End Date : 12.04.2017

Stainless Steel Railing Engineering Process

Stainless steel railing post tube is 42.4*2.0mm. First stainless steel 2.0 plate, rolled into a tube, and then automatically welded, and the surface treatment and then cut, and then welded glass clamps, base plate, end cap. Grinding, cleaning, and surface treatment.
Glass clamp is precision cast. The casting process is 1, make mold. 2, wax injection. 3, get wax. 4, dipping in the slurry 5, ceramic stuccoing 6, drying 7, dewax 8, shell sintering 9, melting& pouring 10, Shell removal 11, bead Blasting 12, pickling..

Work Scope

Yongsheng offer perfect stainless steel mesh, substructural steel to clients to make their whole engnieering perfect. Delivery in time, help client control engnieering cost and make sure safety.

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