Project Desciption

This is the Sydney Government Apartment Building in Australia. Covering an area of 7,000 square meters, the building has 40 floors. The outside of the building is full of glass balustrades, which are about 2,000 meters in length. The glass balustrade is made up of 16mm stainless steel posts and tempered glass. The outer surface of the glass balustrade is satin and electrolytically treated, which is very bright and easy to maintain. The glass balustrade posts are 316 material and resistant to corrosion. Because of the proximity of the sea to Australia, the salt in the air is mostly made of 316 stainless steel. Stainless steel 304 material is not recommended. The glass balustrade posts have three 20GP containers. The customer did not come over to check the goods before shipment. He said that Yongsheng is free checking, their materials are very good, the surface treatment is perfect, and their packaging is very firm and beautiful. We believe in Yongsheng, they are worthy of trust. We do one million dollars engineering every year, and each project is very good. Even if there is a problem, they will deal with it for the first time. Very good mill..

Project Starting Date : 05.06.2017

Project End Date : 20.07.2017

Glass Balustrade Process

Glass balustrade posts are made of 16mm thick 316 plates, 16mm large plate do satin surface treatment, then laser cutting, welding after cutting. Grind after welding. After the treatment, the surface is re-treated and then electrolyzed after completion. Yongsheng has 14 years of experience very easy for us. The difficulty of this project is the surface treatment, which does not allow any flaws, sand holes, scratches, and even one pc hairline scratche.

Work Scope

Yongsheng offer perfect stainless steel mesh, substructural steel to clients to make their whole engnieering perfect. Delivery in time, help client control engnieering cost and make sure safety.

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