Cable Railing

Yongsheng® Hardware specializes in the manufacture of various cable railing with various structures to meet the needs of different architectural structures and decorative effects. There are round pipe cable railings, square pipe cable railings, oval cable railings, curved cable railings, plate cable railings, smart cable railings, and huge cable railings etc. Various type ropes and size ropes. Materials include steel, 201, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 2205 etc, high-grade surface treatment, 800K polishing, various brushed surface treatment, titanium, spray, sandblasting, black coated etc.

Non-standard customization : The company has professional open molders, all non-standard can be customized to map, large quantity discount. All products of the company are made of international standards and tested by SGS testing institutions. There is a third-party testing certificate. The use of yongsheng cable railing is simple and elegant, safe and firm, easy to clean, easy to install ,and the surface is bright without any defects.

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